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Gardening Issues – Dealing With A Cats In Garden Problem

“I thought I spoke to a puddy tat … I did it, I did it!”

I would just like to foreshadow what will surely be a tirade saying that I love animals of all kinds. I have owned dogs, cats, fish and amphibians and, if I could, I would have more living creatures under my roof. Having said that, I have a bone to choose from with cat owners. It is a small bone; don’t worry, it won’t stick to your throat. It is about cats that use my garden as a toilet.

Neighborhood cats in the garden

Here’s the thing, I was once just like you. I had a cat who absolutely insisted that she should go out (or I wouldn’t sleep). So it went out and everything went well, for the most part. With the exception of the sleepless nights in search of my adventurous feline who got stuck in the garage or in the canopy of the neighbor, and the time when he returned home with an ear cut from what I do not know yet, or the numerous birds or fields defenseless the mice gave me, everything was copacetic.

The best thing about the cat’s exit was that I rarely had to clean a litter box. I closed my eyes on where he was going, not in my garden anyway. Now that I have become clean, I would say that Karma is truly an ab … h. My cat died a few years ago and was “replaced” with several neighborhood cats who like to be around my yard, especially the garden. Now, I know where they go to the bathroom and I also know that they like to scratch my tender new plants up to dig them.

I also know that at least one of them doesn’t bother to bury his business, since I had the unfortunate experience of weeding our hands (without a glove, you’re sorry) and inventing a handful of poop. I know. It’s my punishment. It’s payback time. However you want to say it, it’s my turn.

Do you also have a problem with cats in the garden? These garden fights are real – more like really annoying! So how do I deal with cats in the garden? Passively aggressively. I learn the names of the cats, I caress them and give them some sweets, and then I go to a blog post. The thing is, I really love cats. But if they start killing birds, it will be war.

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