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Gardening Gifts – Shopping Tips for the Bonsai Lover on Your List

Bonsai is a Japanese art form which consists in the development of miniature trees grown in containers.

The bonsai dates back to a thousand years ago and has unique methods and aesthetics that arise from the specific needs of the art form.

A mature bonsai tree can be several hundred years old and has been passed down from gardener to gardener.

Many years ago, I was interested in the art of bonsai. I diligently remember the search for information and the discovery of the small leaflets made available by the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

While in the end I found those flyers difficult to find, but extremely useful, unfortunately my attempts to grow Bonsai were unsuccessful, in part because I had no space to winter them in a protected environment.

At that point, I committed to living in apartments for the next few years, while I attended graduate school and started my career, so I gave up on my Bonsai dreams and concentrated instead on home plants.

At the time I was very interested in Bonsai, finding the books was quite challenging, but finding the right tools was practically impossible!

Now, thanks to the Internet, there is also a variety of choices when looking for Bonsai gardening tools!

Bonsai gardening is unlike any other type of gardening and has specific needs for tools, containers and potting soil.

Surprise your favorite bonsai enthusiast with one of these gift tips.

Gardening tools set for bonsai

If you are buying someone who has just started the bonsai adventure, consider purchasing a basic set of tools. When I was exploring Bonsai, I discovered that it was like painting as it is important to have and use the RIGHT TOOL FOR WORK!

In painting, whether you are doing fine art painting or home painting, you must have the right brush for each specific application.

Substitutions are not a viable option and, unfortunately, in the case of Bonsai, normal gardening tools are not the same …

Fortunately, there are many sets of quality Bonsai tools available for everyone, from beginners to more experienced enthusiasts.

Other tools for bonsai

Other tools that a Bonsai lover will need and which are practically unique to the art of Bonsai are:

  1. record player – it is necessary to run the Bonsai plant while it is being worked on
  2. benders – Used in the development of attractive and graceful growth patterns of the branches of a bonsai tree
  3. Sieves and scoops – used to prepare the special soil necessary for bonsai cultivation

Bonsai containers

Other much needed bonsai supplies include bonsai containers. Bonsai pots are notably different from the pots used for other types of plants. The right container is almost as important as the tree it contains. The containers meet both the technical requirements of Bonsai cultivation and also enhance the aesthetic elements of the art form. I remember how difficult it was to find ANY bonsai pot, let alone containers that I liked!

And no, you can never have too many Bonsai containers! I’d rate it as a Can’t Go Wrong purchase!

Bonsai potting soil

A potential final bonsai gift is special potting soil. As you may already suspect, bonsai trees have different soil needs than other plants. (Are you starting to see a pattern here? LOL)

While many fans have their own special recipes, often, this may not be practical. For bonsai lovers who are unable to mix their potting mix, there are now several Bonsai premixed soil options available.

As you can see, Bonsai gardeners can be fairly easy to buy … if you know where to find the supplies.

by Tink Boord-Dill

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