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Garden Using Those Pesky Plastic Pots

Anyone who has a garden or has ever had a potted plant has had to deal with those seemingly useless plastic pots. Many people throw them out. I save them until they crumble and reuse several times. They can be the “greenest” element in your garden that saves you greener.

I have a very small gardening space, including containers, but the big or small practical ways maybe now are “green”, but they will always make sense long after GREEN loses fashion.

So what to do with all those nasty plastic pots? Whether you have a consolidated garden or you have just started; when you buy plants you will have to take care of reusing or disposing of them.

Garden Using Those Pesky Plastic Pots
Garden Using Those Pesky Plastic Pots

Garden Using Those Pesky Plastic Pots

Plastic pots have an infinite amount of uses in the garden. So before thinking about recycling, rethink that they can save you money before throwing them out:

• The seeds eventually become seedlings that need a larger pot; having pots on hand is both convenient and inexpensive.

• Small pots make excellent fillers for large pots. Put a small pot upside down in a larger one, then fill it with soil and plant. The container is lighter with less soil used.

• Instead of throwing away the cell floors, crumble and also use as a filler for large containers. [Or wash and use as packing material.]

• Place the invasive plants inside the pot, then plant in the soil to keep them under control.

• Do you have too many plants? Purchased too many? Divide both annuals and perennials using pots to share plants. You don’t have to worry about lending your expensive ones.

• Don’t you have drainage holes in that cute container? Put the plant in a plastic pot, then place it inside the most beautiful one. [Don’t forget to pour out any excess water.]

• Do you want to afford more expensive containers? Take plastic pots, spray assorted colors, then add decorative ribbons, beads or sphagnum moss to make it attractive.

• Don’t you like watering? Plastic holds moisture longer, so use it in place of terracotta [I still recommend terra cotta for herbs in almost all instances.] Works with indoor / outdoor plants.

• Have you just planted a new plant? Use a plastic container as a cloche or shield to protect until it is established.

• Threat of frost? Use containers to cover tender plants. Use 2 pots together to block the holes and create a better insulator.

Weeding. Store containers as containers when removing them.

• Use to compost or save soil.

• Use small pots such as mulch paddles, fertilizers, etc.

• Use to support other containers to create different plant levels.

• Use to hold garden tools.

• Plant below ground level, so put small pots full of annuals for easy changes.

• Preservation of bulbs or use for wintering plants.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. These are the dishes that cost nothing more than continuing to save money again and again. $$$$$. How green is it?

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