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We get stuck inside and video games continue to sell well. It’s about as simple as that, honestly. I mean, there are more nuances than that, of course, but that’s really the strong point to remember NPD game numbers in June.

Specifically, last month, $ 1.2 billion was spent on games, up 26% from the previous year. This represents the highest figure for June since 2009. With June inclusive, the first half of the year saw a total of $ 6.6 billion spent on industry, the highest figure for this period since 2010 , when it reached $ 7 billion. Not too shabby, given the extremely precarious economic situation in which the world finds itself.

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Game software spending reached $ 570 for the month, up 49% from 2019. Last of Us: Part II took first place for June, making it the third-best-selling title of the year and the highest sales month of the launch month for the year to date.

Also note the success of the Nintendo Change the title of Exercise Ring Fit Adventure, which reached # 7 after reaching # 835 in May. The success of the game is probably due in part to the lack of access to gymnasiums and other more traditional training. The figure was previously biased by the depletion of stocks for the game – something that also had an impact on Switch Sales.

Despite everything, the Nintendo console was once again the best-selling console of the month.


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