Game Of Thrones Video Game Producer Dies After Being Poisoned By Co-Worker

Lin Qi was a billionaire producer for Netflix and Mogul was behind the Game of Thrones video game. He was poisoned on 16 December and died on Christmas day. He was poisoned by a coworker in an alleged murder plot. Lynn was the chairman and founder of the Yoozoo Group, a game developer known for its “Game of Thrones: Winter Coming Cumming” video game. Lynn also sold the rights to Netflix’s bestselling sci-fi book “The Three-Body Problem”. He is set to be credited as an executive producer on the upcoming series. Before eating the poison, there were rumors of a dispute between Yoozoo officials.

Xu Yao, a senior executive in Ju Yaju’s film and television division, was arrested on charges of killing Lin. Yao has his judicial doctor’s degree from the University of Michigan Law School. He joined Yoozoo in 2017. He is the current head of Yoozoo’s The Three-Body Universe subsidiary, which holds the rights to Netflix novels.

Yao allegedly poisoned Lin with a cup of Pu-erh tea. On December 17, Shanghai police received a call from the hospital to tell them about the poison. Lynn took herself to the hospital upon feeling ill. First, he was stable. Lin Qi was 39.

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Yoozoo’s board of directors issued a statement on 26 December confirming the death of its founder and chairman. “The directors, supervisors, senior management and all employees of the company express their deepest condolences on the demise of Mr. Lin Qi,” the statement said.

Yoozoo is one of the largest mobile game publishers in China in terms of revenue. Founded in 2009, it is known for its Game of Thrones role-playing game. The company got into film production in 2014 when Lin bought the rights to the popular Chinese sci-fi novel “The Three-Body Problem”. He then signed a deal with Netflix to develop the book in a series to be produced by “Game of Thrones” David Benioff and DB Weiss. Lynn had a big plan for “The Three-Body Problem”. He wanted to turn it into a global film and television franchise based on the book and its two sequels. The author of the books, Liu Sixin, was also going to appear in the Netflix series. Liu called the three books in the series a “remembrance of Earth’s past” trilogy. The first is set in modern China and tells the story of an engineer looking at the number of suicides by scientists. He discovers a supernatural plot with roots in the Cultural Revolution. The Cultural Revolution of China was the decade of stupor that led to the tyranny of Communist Party enemies. It ended when Chairman Mao died in 1976. Lynn thought it might be popular as “Star Wars”. The book was a non-international bestseller.

The English version of the book became a sensation upon its release in 2014. It won the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Novel. Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama read it. Lynn was making it his life’s work to make the novel reach a wider audience. He wanted to make it into an internationally recognized franchise with films, TV shows, video games, anime and more. He spent about $ 150 million to purchase the copyrights and licenses of the books.

Lynn was often called a millennial billionaire. Outside of the “The Three-Body Problem” project, he enjoyed video games, tea, football, car racing and Chinese calligraphy.

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