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Frugal living tips: How to make it to the end of the month

Frugal living tips: How to make it to the end of the month

Most of us now that feeling of dread you get when the cash machine returns our debit card without cash, due to a lack of funds in our accounts. We also know what it’s like to have to count every penny in the days leading up to salary days.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, most of us run out of cash 17 days before salary. With this in mind, we have devised a few tips to help you save money…

Stop making online impulse buys

Stop making online impulse buys

If you spend a lot of time online or you watch the shopping channels, you may be making a lot of impulse buys. This is understandable considering just how easy it is to buy online.

So if you’ve been making purchases twice a week, then cut this down to once every couple of months. Only buy something online if you really need it.

Find free entertainment

You don’t need to go for nights out in bars to have fun. In fact, some online gaming sites allow you a number of free plays. This gives you all the fun (and none of the expense) you need in the comfort of your own home. If you’re an avid gamer, these tips from Europalace will help you have fun, even in the midst of a mid-month slump. These include anything from playing for free slots or roulette tables to entering freeroll tournaments.

Stop using credit cards

While credit cards can be useful, they can sometimes make buying things that little bit too easy. In addition, if you don’t pay off your balance in full each month, then this will cost you a lot in interest.

Eat out less

Eat out less

According to research, Brits spend 25% of their annual wage on eating out. Restaurants are expensive, while fast food is not very healthy. It’s much cheaper – not to mention healthier – to buy and cook your own food.

Cancel subscriptions

With all the information available at the click mouse, there is very little point in keeping hold of those magazine subscriptions. Likewise, if you can get Blurays and DVDs cheaply, is there any point in paying for Netflix every month? By all means, don’t cancel everything. We just advise that you look at your outgoings and decide what you can cut back on.

Stop smoking


Stop smoking

This is easier said than done for a lot of people. Yet if you smoke 20 a day, quitting could save you as much as £3000 per year.

Cut back on the booze

Even if you only drink one beer a day, that still adds up to a lot of money each month. Try cutting back your drinking to the odd party, or once in a while with friends and you’ll save a bucket load.

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