Frozen 3 Needs To Redeem Anna – By Cutting Elsa

Frozen 3 has the opportunity to redeem Anna, but only if Elsa is cut from the main story, as the former has played second-fiddle for too long.

The Frozen series is well past-due to redeem Anna, which can happen by cutting Elsa’s screen time in Frozen 3. The movie series is focused on the love shared between the two sisters but has always put Anna in Elsa’s shadow. However, the first two Frozen movies gave Elsa a well-rounded arc that came to a natural close, so it’s time for Frozen 3 to put Anna in the spotlight.

The first Frozen movie put Elsa on a powerful and inspiring journey of self-discovery. But on the other hand, Anna foolishly almost married a man she just met, who turned out to be Frozen’s villain. Frozen 2 gave Anna a more mature story as she ends up saving the day. But that story came with a caveat as she nearly destroyed Arendelle in the process. As long Elsa is in the picture, Anna will always be the supporting player in the story.

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There’s only one way to give Anna the journey she deserves, and that is to cut Elsa from the story. After the massive success of the first Frozen movie, the series unintentionally became a story about Elsa. So that means that Anna will never get her due unless Elsa is either removed from Frozen 3′s story or resigned to a supporting character.

Audiences were immediately taken with the Frozen franchise because of the positive message it shared with its viewers. For the last decade or so, Disney has pivoted their princess movies from focusing on finding love to showing young girls that they can be the heroes in their own stories. Frozen demonstrated this by putting Elsa on a journey that allowed her to prove to herself that she was strong, capable, and worthy as her own person. This ideal was cemented by Anna’s less-than-feminist story of becoming engaged to the first man she meets. The contradiction in their stories served Elsa’s character but hurt sister’s character. Unfortunately, Anna’s journey in Frozen 2 wasn’t enough to redeem her.

By cutting Elsa from the main plot of the story, Frozen 3 can finally give Anna the opportunity to come into her own. The hit movie series is about learning to love yourself. Anna has not yet really been given that opportunity, because her storyline was previously dedicated toward helping Elsa in her own journey toward self-acceptance. Because of that, Anna’s storylines often had to take less than ideal turns. But as Elsa finds her place as the protector of the Enchanted Forest at the end of Frozen 2, her journey has come to a close. But Elsa’s ending provided a new beginning for Anna, as she was crowned Queen of Arendelle. With Elsa living outside of the kingdom, this gives Frozen 3 the opportunity to make Anna her own person. It’s the perfect chance to give her the redemption arc she deserves, because the movie can finally put its full focus on Anna.

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