From Gossip Girl to Sex and the City: perfumes and lipsticks of films

From Gossip Girl to Sex and the City: Few themes are capable of thrilling such as cinema, makeup and perfumes (Gossip Girl is Sex and the City). If we combine them, they create a super intriguing mix. Let’s start with the most explicit and well-known, not to say obvious, quotes: in the incisor The silence of the innocent (The silence of the lambs, 1991), Hannibal Lecter sniffs Clarice through the glass of the cell and recognizes that “sometimes” he uses L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci, “but not today”, He wants to clarify.

From Gossip Girl to Sex and the City
From Gossip Girl to Sex and the City

In A career woman (Working girl, 1988), we can recognize a bottle that most likely is White Linen by Estée Lauder on the table with the mirror where Tess settles down at the wedding; instead Katherine, in bed with her leg in plaster, decides to seduce Jack anyway and chooses Shalimar by Guerlain, convinced to be on the safe side because “Jack loves Shalimar …”.

Yet Guerlain in Beautiful in the daytime (Belle de Jour, 1967), when we see Séverine reflecting herself and we notice different perfumes, among which she recognizes herself Mitsouko. Instead it does not appear, but is quoted, Guerlain’s Heure Bleue in In Her Majesty’s Secret Service (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 1969), when Bond recognizes that Tracy wears it.

Staying with 007, but in Casino Royale (2006), we discover at the end of the film that the charming and enigmatic Vesper Lynd uses an unexpected fragrance: Pomegranate from Santa Maria Novella, which despite the name does not remember the fruit, but rather a mix of musky, aldehyde and leather notes.

Another oddity in The devil wears Prada (The Devil wears Prada, 2006): at the beginning, you notice Prada Tendre in the girls’ bathroom, and so far so good; then, when Andrea distributes several gifts to his friends, there is also Pink Sugar by Aquolina that she gives to a friend despite being a decidedly feminine and caramel fragrance. And he likes it! A curiosity: in the original, Andy does not say “Prada”, but “Products”.

Honey in Notting Hill (1999) receives a birthday present Jean Paul Gautier Classique and is justly happy about it.

We also know that in Perfume of Woman (Scent of a Woman, 1992), Frank acknowledges that Charlie’s teacher is wearing Fleurs de Rocaille by Caron. We sense that the small bottle that Nina returns to Beth in the hospital The black Swan (Black Swan, 2010) is probably the 7.5 ml format of Chanel N. 5. Which is what we would have expected to see in Marilyn’s bathroom instead of Miss Dior in the movie Marilyn (My week with Marilyn, 2011).

There is something interesting also for men, such as in American Psycho (2000), where we see how well organized a narcissist’s cabinet is and also what it contains: we recognize Caron, YSL, L’Occitane and Oscar de la Renta.

The babysitter in The hand on the cradle (The hand that rocks the cradle, 1992) stains and ruins a dress with Poison by Dior thus ruining the evening for the rival. In Basic Instinct (1992) we see in Catherine ‘s bathroom a bottle of Parfum de Peau from Montana. Realistic choice, it is in fact a very interesting fragrance, especially in the original composition, slightly different from the current one.

In City of Angels (1998) we know that Maggie uses Eau de Cologne Imperial of Guerlain is Eau Parfumée au Thè Vert by Bulgari; also in this case, the choice is very appropriate if we consider the personality of the protagonist. As for Bulgari, we also find the latter in What women want (2000) on Gigi’s table.

In the opening scene of The revenge of the blondes (Legally Blonde, 2001), it appears Clinique Happy and it is even defined as a ‘basic necessity’! In fact, after trying it it is difficult to do without it.

In the recent Parasite (2019), we recognize Orange Blossom by Penhaligon’s (with orange bow) and immediately behind awater of Santa Maria Novella, distinguishable from the green label and white cap. Likely choices that fit perfectly on the character.

Then there is the lawsuit linked to Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961) on what the perfume that Holly sprays after taking it from the mailbox is actually.

Youtube screenshot – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

In fact, it can be both Makila by Jean Patou be Le de Givenchy: we strongly favor this second hypothesis, because everything by Audrey Hepburn was signed by Givenchy and then because in all probability, by the time the film was shot, Makila was not yet on sale. Finally, the bottle is still more similar to that of Givenchy (which, listen, listen, is still on sale with a slightly updated and is part of the collection Les Parfums Mythiques). But we have a certainty and it is thanks to the story by Truman Capote from which the film is based: in the original idea, Holly wears an unsuspected Cologne water 4711. Would you ever have said that?

In Sex And The City there is more than one apparition. In season six, for example, we clearly see a fuchsia bottle in Samantha’s bathroom: it is Spring Flower by Creed, while in Carrie ‘s closet we see a bottle of Jo Malone. In SATC 2, in the bathroom of Carrie and Big you can see a male trio of Dior in the cabinet: Fahrenheit, Eau Sauvage and Dior Homme. Near the sink there is instead a bottle of Dior Addict.

In Witches (Charmed), we know that Prue is wearing Must de Cartier, although it never appears while in Gossip Girl a bottle of Chanel N. 5, which Blair steals from a desk to W. In the series Sherlock, The Woman USA Cašmir by Chopard, while Mary wears Claire de la Lune, as unmistakable as fictitious: in fact it doesn’t exist.

In Lost in translation (2003), a bottle of Marc Jacobs (who by the way is very close to director Sofia Coppola) on the left of the fax, while on the right a gloss of NARS, perhaps in the Babe nuance.

In this regard, we certainly could not miss a few curiosity about lipsticks.

Always in Lost in translation, Charlotte before going out she wears makeup with Different Lipstick by Clinique, with the green water case used for the gifts, and the nuance is probably Raspberry Glacé.

About Clinique: Julia Roberts aka Isabel in Friendly enemies (stepmom, 1998) he gets into the car with the boys Almost Lipstick in the Black Honey shade, what – did you know? – has been the bestseller in the USA for decades.

Therefore it is no wonder that we already find it in The Breakfast Club (1985) where Claire, a young Molly Ringwald, applies it in a decidedly particular way.

Rose in Titanic (1997) has a rather natural make-up and always the same: we are in 1912, so she wears only one shade of lipstick throughout the film, obtained by the make-up artist Tina Earnshaw by mixing the lip pencil Beech by The Body Shop with lipstick Rouge Volupté by Yves Saint Laurent in the nuance Legendary Mocha.

Finally, and here it is really the case to use the very original expression last but not least, there is Joker (2019), where a red lipstick MAC it is used to write on the mirror. What a waste, one would think, but that’s Hollywood, baby!

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