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Friends by nature and Happy for Life

Friends by nature and Happy for Life

Parenting calls ample challenges and hardships. It is not a bed of roses where you expect everything to happen the way you wish. Every day you will be facing new problems and looking out for possible solutions to these problems.

At the tender age, always become sensitive towards your children after all they are your children and you are responsible for bringing them into this world. Parenting does not lay down a set of formula which you just pick up and apply it. You have to come up with your individual solutions as all children are different in their own way.

When the world is heading towards digitalization, the people who lack the knowledge of modern equipment are feeling left out. This is what happened with me when I was on my way to the UK for 20 days. My 12-year-old son whom I always helped with his studies kept insisting me to fill passport from which I was hesitating to fill as I lacked self-confidence.

After his repeated requests, I took an initiative to fill the passport form that was filled manually earlier, unlike online these days. Firstly I filled all the general information which I understood well and then leave the form incomplete. Next day again I went through the form and read about the details and completed the remaining form as well. After few corrections, it was accepted by the authorities and within few months my passport was delivered at my doorstep.


The main problem which I was facing is how to interact with my kids while I am thousands of kilometers away from them. Calling would be very expensive so there should be some different solution to this problem. My son who is a tech-savvy told me to buy a smartphone which is undoubtedly was the need of the hour.

But how will I operate it and how will I learn using it within next few days as my air tickets were pre-booked. My son took me to the market and helped me select a smartphone and not only helped me in the selection but also started teaching me how to operate its various features. He downloaded Skype, WhatsApp, true caller and blood pressure monitor for me, in my new smartphone. He uses to call from his room on my smart phone so that I get use to my smartphone. His teachings went on till I left for UK.

Mine was a connected flight from Frankfurt. I have to stay there for 5 hours and that was the biggest problem. A person in an unknown country with an unknown German language is a massive disaster. Safely landing at Frankfurt airport, I took out my smartphone and started connecting with my son. To my surprise, it was not working and I was on the verge of tears. My repeated attempts were fruitless and in vain.

While I was trying to get connected with my son he too was trying to establish a secure connection. At last when I was about to give up and in the state of ending up everything exhausted, suddenly I received a message of my son saying “Hello Mom, Kaise ho?” I have no words to describe that very moment when I saw my son’s message popping up on my mobile and felt ‘Khushi Ke Pal’.

Khushi Ke PalHis single message filled me up with immense energy and enthusiasm that I chatted with him for complete one hour and when the free internet time got over I again logged in with my another email id and showed entire Frankfurt airport to him via Skype. Needless to say, my whole journey was awesome where I enjoyed and stayed connected with the family as well.

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