Frank Clark’s Net Worth in 2020

What is the total wealth of Frank Clarke?

Total Price:$ 74 million
Arising:14 June 1993
country of originUSA
Sources of funds:Professional nfl player
Last Updated:2020


Frank Clarke is an American football defensive end for the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs.

Clarke played in college for the Michigan Wolverines football team. As a junior, he was selected to the 2013 All-Big Ten second team by coaches and was awarded an honorable mention by the media for the 2013 team.

By 2020, Frank Clarke’s total assets are estimated to be $ 74 million.

early life

Frank Clarke was born on June 14, 1993 in California.

In high school, Clark played several positions for head coach Ted Gin, Sr. at Glenville High School. Still, he was least interested in playing the position that Gin felt was the most naturally suited to playing outside the linebacker / rush defensive end.

As a senior, he recorded 70 tackles and 19 sacks on defense and caught 12 passes, including three for offense.

The business

Clarke was drafted in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft with the 63rd overall pick of the Seattle Seahawks. With his selection, he joined the Leg of Boom Defense, with back-to-back Super Bowl appearances.

In 2019, Clarke was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Seahawks third round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Following the trade, he signed a $ 105.5 million five-year contract with a $ 63.5 million guarantee.

He made his debut with the majors in Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. In the game, Clarke scored a tackle and intercepted quarterback Gardner Minsview in a 40–26 win.

In Week 6 against the Houston Texans, Clarke made a forceful attack on Carlos Hyde and recovered the ball in a 31–24 loss.

As of 2020, Frank Clarke has total assets of $ 74 million.


Some of the best highlights of Frank Clarke’s career are:

  • Drafted by Seattle Seahawks (2015)
  • Pro Bowl (2019)

Favorite Quote from Frank Clarke

“(Titans) come here, they say they are going to run the ball. I know what they were going to do, you are watching that movie, you know what they are going to do. In the last two games, (Henry) had 200 yards in each game; I knew that we would not have won the game if we had let this happen. They come here, calling him the best razor in the league. We are sending them to the (departing) house early. “ – Frank Clarke

“He is not hard to hit. He is just a big man. 280, 245, 250. Honestly, he should walk hard according to his weight and his size. I don’t see any difficulty in dealing with him.” – Frank Clarke

He said, “When I play the (Super Bowl) ring on my finger, they fight sooner or later. At the end of the day, we (the Exceptive) champions. AFC. The trophy that was my last name in it, (Exclusive ) Can’t see. Nobody falls. See it (exitive). “– Frank Clarke

3 strong lessons from Frank Clarke

Now that you know about Frank Clarke’s total wealth and how he achieved success; Let us take a look at some of the strongest lessons we can learn from:

1. Make it

If the opportunity doesn’t knock, make a door.

2. Follow Your Dreams

Do not be surrounded by apprehensions in your mind. Lead the dreams in your heart.

3. Success

Hard work in silence; Let your success be noisy.


Frank Clarke is a defensive end selected 63rd overall in the 2015 NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks.

He played football at Glenville High School under coach Ted Gin Sr., father of Carolina Panthers player Ted Gin Jr. He also competed in track and field throughout high school.

As of 2020, Frank Clarke has total assets of approximately $ 74 million.

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