Fortnite Season 6’s Crafting System Is Getting Old Quick

Fortnite Season 6’s new crafting system takes players out of the action by forcing them to scavenge for scarce components, which is getting old quick.

Much like the beginning of every new season, Fortnite Season 6 found a way to drastically change one of the world’s most popular battle royale games. Fortnite’s “Primal” season introduced a long-rumored crafting system, allowing players to collect components to upgrade weapons. While it was fascinating at first, Fortnite’s new crafting system is getting old quickly, thanks to the tedious scavenging required to create a handful of items.

Fortnite Season 6 is being called the Primal Season, and it has turned parts of The Island into a dangerous wasteland where wolves and velociraptors roam free. Major POIs and landmarks have changed to fit this theme, replacing solid structures with makeshift forts made from scraps and bones. A slew of new weapons have been introduced, too, letting players have more control over how their firearms function, and new items have been added to combat the rugged terrain.

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However, these shiny new additions have lost a lot of their appeal after just a few weeks of the season. This happens with every new season, as the new content fades into the background and Fortnite returns to the same battle royale it’s always been. However, this season’s crafting mechanics are very invasive and limit the firepower that can be found at each location. While many players like to focus on getting into the heat of battle, makeshift weapons and the farming of crafting components make it harder to jump right into the action.

Fortnite Season 6’s Crafting System Isn’t A Fun Gameplay Mechanic

Fortnite Season 6 Crafting Menu

Fortnite Season 6 introduced a new type of armament called makeshift weapons, which are low-powered weapons that can only be upgraded through the use of crafting components. Each makeshift weapon costs more of a certain component to upgrade, depending on its rarity. Regardless, these weapons require either Animal Bones or Mechanical Parts to upgrade, which are tedious to farm. Instead of picking up a weapon and taking it to an NPC that provides upgrades, players are forced to wander the map in search of cars, bone piles, or animals they can damage or kill in exchange for components.

At first, collecting these parts wasn’t too taxing, but a recent nerf to the number dropped from vehicles and furniture makes it more of a chore to get the four minimum components required to craft. Not only does it take longer to find parts, but the time spent scavenging for better weapons or components is time away from fighting. Many Fortnite players enjoy the thrill of looting and shooting, and this new mid-layer of scavenging makes players pump the breaks.

Fortnite’s crafting would also be more appealing if there were more things to craft. Other than weapon upgrades, a handful of Primal and Mechanical bow variants, and the hunter’s cloak, there isn’t much else that can be crafted. Players should be able to craft craft grenades or different throwables, for example, like Stink Grenades made from Stink Fish or Frogs. Or, two mini potions could be crafted together to make one large potion. But as of right now, Fortnite Season 6’s new crafting system needs to go back to the drawing board.

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