Fortnite: Pros & Cons Of Playing With A Controller

Fortnite lets PC and console gamers use controllers. What are the pros and and cons of this setup, and is it better than a mouse and keyboard?

Console and PC players looking to jump into Fortnite for the first time have the option of using a controller or hooking up a mouse and keyboard to their systems. While many fans of shooters like Call of Duty: Warzone would say a mouse-and-keyboard setup is superior, it’s a different story for Fortnite.

Typically, mouse and keyboard users have much more freedom over aim and movement, but that isn’t the case in Epic Games’ battle royale. New players might be tempted to opt for a mouse and keyboard as they would for other shooters, but controller users actually have a slight edge when it comes to aiming. That’s thanks to Fortnite‘s aim assist mechanic that has long been the title’s most controversial feature. Still, unlike other shooters, Fortnite isn’t all about pixel-perfect aim.

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Aim assist is only available to players using controllers and is meant to balance the fact that joystick users can’t flick their reticles to adjust their aim moments before taking a shot. Fortnite‘s aim assist causes players’ reticles to momentarily snap onto enemies’ heads when they aim down sights, and it’s far more notable than other shooters. This has led most professional Fortnite players to use controller instead of mouse and keyboard, which is in stark contrast to other esports. Still, that doesn’t mean controllers are the end-all, be-all of the battle royale.

How Controllers Give Fortnite Players Advantages & Disadvantages

A player eliminates Ruckus NPC boss in Fortnite Season 5

Aim assist is the primary reason to use controllers. Players can access the feature by entering the game’s Settings menu, navigating to controller Options, toggling on Advanced Options, and setting their Aim Assist Strength. This is very powerful, since a majority of Fortnite‘s weapons are hitscan (aside from rifles, bows, bolts, and explosives), which means their shots instantly travel to where players are aiming with no leading required. Setting it to 100% gives controller players a lot more leeway with their aim than mouse and keyboard users, who need to precisely place shots to net kills.

That said, it is substantially more difficult to use Fortnite‘s building system with a controller. Being able to quickly build walls and ramps to outmaneuver opponents is a pivotal aspect of high-level Fortnite gameplay. Controllers limit how quickly players can whip their cameras around to build around themselves and cycle through or edit structures. Even with the help of aim assist, controller users will struggle to keep up with skilled Fortnite builders that can close gaps with lightning-fast construction.

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