Fortnite Players Want a Rapper DaBaby Skin & Concert

Fortnite players are hoping that a new skin in the form of rapper DaBaby might be on the way and want to attend a concert hosted by the rapper.

Hope abounds for Fortnite players that a skin based on the popular rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, also known as “DaBaby”, and a concert headlined by the hip hop artist could be coming to the game soon. Fortnite‘s Season 6 just released earlier this week and has brought with it tons of new content, challenges, and a new primal theme that invites players to be more creative. With the upcoming Llama-Rama concert, fans are letting their heads run wild with theories.

Fortnite Players
Fortnite Players

Since its release in 2017, Fortnite has innovated the battle royale genre. Epic Games has managed to find ways to keep drawing players in through a combination of endless changes to the existing map, variations to gameplay, and the sheer volume of live events that change the entire complexion of the game from one season to the next. This creates genuine excitement among the player base by keeping the content fresh. Fortnite has a legitimate claim to being the most popular video game on the market right now. The numbers don’t lie: the game features an estimated 350 million Fortnite players globally.

Rumors are swirling around the potential introduction of a DaBaby skin and concert right now. Some Fortnite fans have shared a fan-made DaBaby skin that they would like to see added to the actual game. Eclipse Akerzy shared a DaBaby Fortnite skin on Twitter, leading to even more excitement about news of a potential announcement. This same skin is being shared by other players too. GaryTheCreator shared a meme that advocates for a DaBaby concert to come to Fortnite.

Fortnite already features DaBaby emotes despite the hip hop artist not having any skin. This is causing some to question if Epic Games will host a DaBaby concert in the future. The possibility of a DaBaby concert is enticing considering that there hasn’t been a major event similar to the Travis Scott concert for some time. Considering DaBaby’s current popularity, it is easy to see that Fortnite would benefit from introducing a skin and concert for the rapper.

If a DaBaby concert is possibly on the horizon, it wouldn’t be the first time Epic Games has collaborated with a real artist to host a Fortnite concert. The rapper Travis Scott partnered with Fortnite by hosting a virtual online concert last year. The performance was a huge success, bringing in 12.3 million observers. Travis Scott also benefitted, receiving about $20 million for his part. The event provided a glimpse into the route many video game companies are likely to take in the future as they push to appeal to a wider set of demographics. It is safe to say Epic Games is pioneering this new direction.

Source: Eclipse Akerzy/TwitterGaryTheCreator/Twitter

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