Fortnite Player Discovers Chicken-Based Fast Travel Trick

One player discovers a new Fortnite fast travel trick that involves the game’s chickens, launching themselves an impressive distance in a short time.

A new Chapter 2 Season 6 discovery has been discovered that lets players use Fortnite chickens to fast travel across the map at impressive speeds. Fortnite remains one of the most popular games in the world, and developer Epic Games continues to add more content to innovate the gameplay experiences that millions have continued to flock to over years of consistent updates.

One of the biggest elements of Fortnite Season 6 is the introduction of Wild Animals, which are part of the Primal theme and turning back time on the game’s world. Players can tame Wild Animals and have them add additional gameplay elements to map traversal and more, with different animals providing unique effects. Of these Wild Animals, Fortnite chickens have been the least impressive from a visual standpoint, often over-shadowed by the more obviously “cool” boars and wolves. However, it appears that Fortnite chickens might have a valuable game use that might make them the most important addition of the Wild Animals currently.

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Fortnite player named ItsWayzy‘s clip of their chicken fast travel method has become popular thanks to FortniteINTEL, introducing a new time-saving practice that could have even larger implications the more players get to test it out. The method involves climbing to the top of one of Season 6’s Spire shrines and carrying a chicken to the launch point, which lets the Fortnite player traverse an incredible distance in a short amount of time thanks to the hard-working chicken.

This skip is somewhat reminiscent of the Launch Pad and Crash Pad skip, which similarly allowed players to make their rotations smoother and quicker with a little bit of ingenuity. Getting around the Fortnite map has grown increasingly important to players as its complexity has grown and their tasks have scaled with that, and for players without as much time to do what they want to in the game, these kinds of Fortnite fast travel tricks can be immensely valuable.

Of course, the Fortnite chicken fast travel method is also memorable in that it uses one of the more amusing-looking elements of the Season 6 content to accomplish the feat. Given the depth of items, mechanics, and map changes that occurs with every season, it’s no surprise to see players continue to find innovative and amusing ways to manipulate the game engine in their favor. For those looking for a smooth method to traverse the Fortnite map that’s also pretty funny, there’s now a great chicken fast travel trick to check off both those requirements.

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Source: ItsWayzy (via FortniteINTEL)


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