Fortnite Accidentally Leaks Pulga Locker Bundle Early

A new Fortnite bundle pack’s release was announced on the game’s Instagram, only to be taken down. It seems this announcement was a bit too early.

It seems that Epic Games has accidentally leaked its Pulga Locker Bundle Earlier than the company initially intended. The newest bundle of cosmetic items for the Battle Royale hit Fortnite, based on Brazillian Fortnite professional player Pulga, appeared on the Fortnite social media accounts before the bundle had even appeared on the game’s shop. 

Fortnite is a free-to-play Battle Royale, which means that Epic Games makes most of its money from selling optional cosmetic items. From character skins, pickaxes, emotes, sprays, dances, gliders, and weapon skins, Fortnite allows players to fully customize their experience. Epic Games have teamed up with Star Wars, Marvel, Lara Croft, DC, Halo, The Walking Dead, and Predator, to name just a few. The latest bundles on the store have been focused on well-known community members within Fortnite, starting with the most famous of all, Ninja. 

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On the official Epic Games Instagram, a post featuring the Brazillian player Pulga’s bundle was uploaded. This post outlined all the items included in the bundle, with the post stating that the new items were available in the store to be purchased as of March 28, which is today. “Handpicked by @thaleshenriqucg himself. grab the Pulga Locker Bundle in the Shop Now”. Since this morning, Epic has taken down the post on Instagram. It seems that the social media manager for Epic confused AM with PM, posting the announcement 12 hours early. 

One of the strange things that Fortnite fans picked up on during the leak was the appearance of the Sparkplug skin within the Pulga bundle. This female player skin is commonly used by the North American professional Fortnite player Clix. It was surprising to some that the skin was included in this bundle instead of the pro player receiving their own bundle. This may also have been a reason behind the post being removed from social media if the bundle presented had been a mistake, showing off a skin associated with the wrong professional player instead of Pulga. If so, a Clix locker bundle may be in the works at Epic Games headquarters. 

The next shop reset for Fortnite will be on March 29, which should add the bundle to the store across all regions. If the bundle, for some reason, is not there, then it may be that some technical issues surrounding the items and the current build of the game are delaying the release. This happens sometimes, but the team at Epic Games is sure to be working hard to bring its fans new content in a timely manner.

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Source: Epic Games/Instagram

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