Former World Bank President James Wolfensohn dies at 86

Post: Former President, World Bank, during his tenure as President of the World Bank, James Wolfenson was also a victim of public pie-ing. Wolfenson had a pie stain on his face and the other pie was simultaneously thrown at him by two members of the “Artic Pie Team” during a press conference in Helsinki, Finland. The incident occurred in March 2001, with Wolfenson having the distinction of being the first high-profile victim to be introduced onto Finnish soil. Wolfenson decides not to press Cha

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James Wolfenson, who served as President of the World Bank for 10 years and was a guiding force for a couple of the most famous cultural institutions in America, has died. He was 86 years old.

Wolfenson died Wednesday at his home in Manhattan, according to the Institute for Advanced Study, where he was on the board’s previous chair. His son and one of his two daughters also confirmed his death in media reports.

Born in Australia, Wolfenson worked on Wall Street for many years before taking over as head of the World Bank, the lending global development organization. He was nominated by then President Bill Clinton.

In his time, he raised issues such as corruption in the organization’s development projects and emphasized attention to the needs and priorities of the countries undertaking the projects.

He was also a lover of the arts in the first half of the 1980s as president of New York’s Carnegie Hall and Washington’s Kennedy Center. In both places, he worked to promote finance and renovation of physical locations.

He even performed cello with friends of high-profile musicians at Carnegie Hall on important birthdays.

With her three children, Wolfenson is survived by seven grandchildren. His wife Ellen died in August.

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