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Former Pizza Delivery Man Created Gymshark, a $1.4 Billion Sportswear Brand

A 28-year-old former pizza delivery man managed to create a sportswear brand worth over a million dollars.

Almost 80 ´influencers´ From Fitness area Supported Gymshark To reach Two million followers on Tik Tok , Have managed to get many more huge sports brands.

Gymshark Is a sports brand Started 2012 From Young British Ben Francis, 28, Where it originated Great benefits and millions of followers due to his involvement with influential people. To compete with the big players in this field, Francis Proposed a Unusual strategy, Which included attracting them all Influential people included ‘ Fitness’ The world of different social networks, instead what is commonly used is the specific registry of sports stars to create the face of a brand. Francis I thought Different from the original and the usual way.

Gymshark Offers small amounts to support its competitors, ranging from Over $ 6,000 to $ 100,000 per year, according to this Forbes an estimate. Likewise, it does not require them to follow a series of harsh conditions, allowing them to do what they want, as long as they wear their clothes.

Picture: Screenshot @gymshark Instagram

As a result of its strategy, 80 80influencers´ infitness have been hired by Gymshark in the world, allowing the brand to gain more than 2 million followers on Tik Tok. Mass cross 700,000 users Who follows Nike Short video on social network.

before this Francis Having worked as a pizza delivery man to raise the necessary funds to find his company, he revealed that the approach helps him reunite so-called so-called members. Generation z With unconventional methods, is mentioned in a comment Forbes.

“Young people only want to buy brands led by communities that align with their values. So we are a community that sells things as well, ”says the businessman.

Of gymshark The strategy has generated a very commendable financial growth, with its revenue increasing last year. 40 percent to $ 330 million.

in August, 21 percent of the company was acquired by General Atlantic Company for $ 300 million, Where Francis has $ 90 million remaining as the primary leader. Giving a The company has a total value of $ 1,400 million.

said that, Francis The logistics sector is expected to develop in the near future for quick delivery of its products and Increase your presence in the United States. Compared to young entrepreneurs Of gymshark The success of the company established by Steve Jobs.

“When Apple Initially, it was adopted by architects, creatives and other types of cool children. Our fans count their macros and they know how to deadlift properly, ” Francis concluded.


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