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Former Billionaire Kylie Jenner Has Spent More Than $130 Million On Real Estate And A Private Jet In The Past Year

Poor little Kylie Jenner. It has been proven that the 22-year-old lipstick tycoon is not a billionaire after all. And there is a drama around that, but we will come back to that later. Right now, we want to look at the incredible amount of money Kylie has spent on real estate and other luxury goods over the past year. Kylie is said to have spent more than $ 130 million on a private jet and a number of real estate purchases in southern California.

Just before the pandemic closed, Kylie spent around $ 70 million on a Global Express Jet. This particular jet is larger than a Learjet, carries more fuel, and can, therefore, travel longer distances. I mean we can’t expect Kylie to do commercial flight at this point, can we? This private jet costs approximately $ 5 million per year to maintain. In addition, it cannot land in most private aerodromes because it needs a longer runway to land due to its size. Kylie also had the interior of the jet personalized on the theme of her daughter Stormi’s birthday. When Stormi turned two in February, Kylie hosted a Stormi World party which was a colorful carnival playground for the little one and his friends.

Former Billionaire Kylie Jenner Has Spent More Than $130 Million
Former Billionaire Kylie Jenner Has Spent More Than $130 Million

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In April 2020, Kylie spent $ 36.5 million on a huge 15,000-square-foot, 15-bedroom resort in Holmby Hills. She also bought vacant land next to her Hidden Hills mansion for $ 15 million. She hired Tom Brady’s architect, Richard Landry, to design a house for the land. Kylie also bought land in La Quinta, California, and plans to build a chic Madison Club house next to her mother’s Palm Desert getaway. Kylie also has a $ 13.45 million mansion in Beverly Hills that she owns with her ex-boyfriend and baby dad Travis Scott. The former couple use this house as an investment property.

Reports have revealed that Kylie’s sisters are concerned about how quickly she spends money. This should sting, especially in light of allegations that Kylie and her accountants have falsified tax returns to increase the valuation of Kylie Cosmetics. Her lawyer demanded that the publication reporting on her alleged “network of lies … immediately and publicly withdraw” their statements claiming that she was not a billionaire.

Let’s take a look at Kylie Jenner’s vast real estate holdings. Remember, she is only 22 years old.

Composed of Holmby Hills

Price: $ 36.5 million

In April 2020, Kylie purchased a property described as a hotel complex. The house is over 19,000 square feet with four guest houses. It has a professional kitchen, several bars and a private gatehouse. The property was originally listed for $ 45 million.

Lots of hidden hills

Price: $ 15 million

In May 2020, Kylie deposited $ 15 million on five acres of land next to her mansion in Hidden Hills. It belonged to Miley Cyrus as a place for her to keep her horses. Cyrus sold the land in 2018.

Hidden Hills Mansion

Price: $ 12 million

Kylie bought her 13,200 square foot home in 2016. The property sits on 1.4 acres of land.

Beverly Hills Mansion

Price: $ 13 million

Kylie bought this investment property in 2018 with her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott. The couple lived there briefly with their daughter Stormi. It is a contemporary house in a private setting.

Calabasas Starter Home

Price: $ 2.7 million

Kylie bought her first home in 2015 when she was only 17 years old. She chose the location because it was near Kourtney and Khloe’s house. She has made major renovations to the property to give it more flavor. She sold the house in 2017 and made a profit of $ 500,000.

Hidden Hills McMansion

Price: $ 6 million

In 2016, Kylie bought a mini-mansion in Hidden Hills with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a home theater and a garage for four cars. She sold it in 2018 and made a profit of $ 1 million.

The House next

Price: $ 4.5 million

A few months after buying the $ 6 million Hidden Hills home, she also bought the neighboring home. She had planned to make this space a home office but it never worked and five months later, she put the house on the market. She made about $ 750,000 when she sold it in 2017.

Land in Hidden Hills

Price: $ 5 million

Kylie bought this land in 2017. She planned to transform it into a horse farm and garden, but that did not succeed. She sold it about 10 months later for $ 5.35 million.

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