Forget Shaving, Move to the Next Level!

Shaving has been a popular hair removal method since a long time. Most women opt for it because it can be accomplished at home within a matter of minutes. However, it is not that great an idea to shave because hair re-grows really fast with this method. It also gives way to hard growth. If you have still been using it just to avoid heading to the salon then it is time to move on for the better.

Forget Shaving
Forget Shaving

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair the Organic Way

If you have decided to move past shaving because it seems like a hassle to squeeze in time for this procedure almost every other day then do not make the mistake of opting for waxing. Though the method may solve the purpose because you won’t see any traces of hair coming back before two-three weeks however it has its own set of cons. Firstly, the paste contains certain chemicals that may not be skin friendly. Secondly, the procedure is quite time consuming and is difficult to accomplish at home. So, what must you do? Sugaring! It is time to switch to sugaring! Prepared with natural ingredients such as sugar, lemon and water, this paste is completely organic and is thus devoid of harmful side effects.

Hassle Free Way to Remove Unwanted Hair

In addition to being skin friendly, sugaring paste is also quite easy to use. Thus, the procedure can be conducted easily at home. All you need is a good quality sugaring kit. No electric heater, strips or expensive lotions (for post care) are required when you opt for sugaring. The paste is easy to apply as well as pull. It can be applied in patches to get a smooth, hairless skin. Besides, it does not leave a sticky residue behind thereby making the post sugaring procedure absolutely hassle free.

Few More Reasons that Make Sugaring a Great Choice

Here are few more reasons that make sugaring a great choice for hair removal:

No Abrasion/ Redness

Even if you apply the paste multiple times on the same area to get rid of every single strand of hair, you wouldn’t experience any redness or soreness.

No Cuts/ Burns

There is no chance of getting any cuts as is the case while shaving. Also, since unlike waxing you don’t require applying hot paste on your skin so there is no chance of incurring burns either. This is one of the main reasons why Brazilian sugaring wax has gained popularity.

Slows Hair Growth

Sugaring damages the hair follicles over time and thus slows the hair growth eventually.

Does Not Cause Ingrown Hair

Another advantage of this procedure is that it does not cause ingrown hair.

So, it is only wise to leave shaving and switch to sugaring. It will not only give freedom from that unwanted hair for weeks to come but also leave your skin absolutely soft and supple Isn’t it truly a next-level experience?