109 Flower Tattoos Designs, Ideas, and Meanings

Deciding to ink a tattoo nowadays is viewed as a form of artwork or as individual expression. Moreover, we now find flower tattoos are becoming intensely prevalent. Essentially, the design, hue, size, and location of the tattoo signify a personal meaning to the wearer.

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What does a sunflower tattoo mean?

Flower Tattoos For Shoulders

Same as mentioned earlier, the sunflower relates to joy, fresh beginnings, and happiness.

Thus, folks who are pursuing a new chapter in their life prefer this tattoo design.

Fun Fact: This flower is one of the most looked up flower tattoo designs in recent years!

Flower Tattoos Cover Up

Tattoos are permanently etched on your skin. That is why when you decide to get one it is important to go to a professional tattoo artist. Unfortunately, there are still instances that a design will not come out as you expected.

Luckily, an unsightly ink can be rescued with a cover-up tattoo. Aside from covering a horrible design, you can also choose a cover-up for your fading ink. Your favorite flower tattoos can work as a cover-up. Just make sure the shade of the previous design can be blended into the new tattoo. However, nearly all professional tattoo artists regard black as a reliable color to use to conceal an old ink design.

If you are planning a flower tattoos cover-up, go through careful research first before signing up with an artist. Discuss first with the artist your desired design, color, size, and if you are suitable for a flower tattoo cover-up.

Final Thoughts…

All in all, the meaning of flower tattoos vary from one individual to another. There are a lot of flowers you can choose as your tattoo design. Each flower, color, and the location picked for the tattoo holds various meaning to the wearer. In either case. always make sure to research the design you are eyeing. This way you will be able to avoid picking a design that can offend other people or culture. Above all, in case of a tattoo gone wrong; consult a professional artist about covering-up your tattoo.

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