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Flooring ideas for your basement within budget

Flooring ideas for your basement within budget

These ideas are the best ones for those who have a pretty limited budget. This is why you can spend some more of your budget on other parts of the basement renovation project and then save a little on DIY perfect flooring ideas. The thing that Guy Solomon as a professional basement contractor advises not to save on is the heating.

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Basement flooring surfaces tend to be cold and extremely cold in winter periods this is why special floor heating will become a great advantage for your project. But if you do not want or cannot afford this, read on and check how to make the floor look finished and keep it warm all the year round!


In case you are not a great painter, according to professional contractor’s Guy Solomon reviews you need to use stencils to create some unique idea for your flooring. As a rule, people make beautiful walls in their basements and the flooring stays neutral. But with stencils, you can turn the situation all the way around. Make an accent on your flooring and add some neutral colors for the walls. This idea is usually perfect for bathroom projects of for any laundry room renovation ideas.

If you do not feel like painting the floor in your new basement room, our expert prepared several unique ideas that are easy to be performed even by non-professionals!


Wood flooring ideasMost flooring surfaces should preferably be finished by concrete before any other flooring material is used. According to the reviews, you can stop at this point and create a designer’s painted concrete project! As a matter of fact, there are no straightforward directions for this project, you just need to get some floor paint and create a beautiful picture or ornament that will best suit your interior decor!


When people hear “leather” the first thing that comes to their mind is that this should be something very expensive. As it turns out, recycled leather belts can be turned into a perfect flooring for any basement project. Unfortunately, this flooring cannot serve as the floor for the main working area of the basement space, but it can add some chic and intrigue to the overall interior.


Getting many pennies is not a problem, right? Just go to the bank and get a change! After you get the main building material, you just need to have a couple of days’ worth of labor, and then, in the end, you will have a perfect floor that sparkles, glows, and impresses everyone who sees it. As a rule, people prefer to create such floorings in basement bars or bathrooms.

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The idea seems to have something in common with the penny floor. Guy Solomon advises using this idea for bars or children rooms basement projects. All you need is to collect the required amount of beer bottle caps and then just punt them on the floor! Oh, we almost forgot, this can be a perfectly unique addition to a basement man cave!

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