Flat stomach diet: what to eat and what to avoid – Fashion.it

Flat stomach diet: what to eat and what to avoid – Fashion.it

Yoga and abdominal exercises alone are not enough. There Flat stomach, without posing unrealistic ideals to Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, is obtained with a diet that deflates and removes excess fat. The belly, just like the culotte de cheval, is one of the most used areas forfat accumulation. Is it possible to lose weight only on the belly? It depends on genetics and where the body tends to store fat (are you an apple or pear physicist?). A study of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research gave prominence at this point. After six weeks of intense abdominal training, the participants had not reduced the belly fat, but had strengthened the muscles. To see the final result, the fundamental aspect represented by nutrition. There flat stomach diet it is a combination of nutrition and exercise, which leads to general weight loss and therefore also to the loss of belly fat.


One of the most common symptoms of gluten intolerance and sensitivity is the swollen belly. To find out, there are specific tests to do, but a good start could be the rotation diet developed by Dr. Attilio Speciani, specialist in clinical immunology and allergology. Its food program is tailor-made starting precisely from a given: the measurement of inflammation given by an excessive consumption of the same food. If for the customized diet you have to rely on your hands and clinical diagnosis, the basic principle of the rotation diet is a healthy habit that we can all practice: try to vary the power supply as much as possible, starting right from foods that contain gluten, from which to take a break at least twice a week.


Usually we are all always in a hurry, lunch break on the fly, maybe in front of the desk, but now, thanks to him smart working, there is no reason to consume frantic lunches. Eating in a hurry not only do you end up consuming more calories because the brain needs its time to register the sense of satiety, but air is brought in which causes the belly to swell in the hours following the meal. Eating slowly and chewing well is another good habit for having a flat stomach. (The luxury medi-spa chewing method Lanserhof is to chew each bite for 30 times for proper digestion and assimilation of food).


Ça va sans dire that the most intuitive way to have a flat stomach is eliminate all processed foods rich in sugars and hydrogenated fats. Password: simplicity. Or consume light water-rich foods such as fruit and vegetables, fish, whole grains and make a temporary detox from sausages and dairy products. In short, the solution is to reverse the trend of the quarantine which has seen a surge in the purchase of ingredients for kneading desserts, pizza and comfort food as an aperitif.


A bowel that works and can count on a microbiome balanced results in a flat stomach. Matter is the basis of the book The healthy bowel diet, written by the American holistic nutritionist Kathie Madonna Swift which aims to solve problems related to digestion and help lose extra pounds. How does it work? By taking microbiome-friendly foods. Among the most functional foods are: garlic, asparagus, oats, bananas, almonds, Jerusalem artichokes and green leafy vegetables.

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