Flash Movie May Be In Danger Following Ezra Miller’s Recent Controversy

Flash Movie May Be In Danger Following Ezra Miller’s Recent Controversy

Warner Bros. is reportedly considering canceling its upcoming Flash movie following an incident involving Ezra Miller, who is slated to play the titular hero in the film. Miller was seen in a video choking a woman.

The video shows Miller grabbing a female fan and pushing her down to the ground by her neck. Miller was reportedly drunk at the time. The incident occurred at a bar in Iceland.

flash movie may be in danger

The report on the Flash movie comes from the Lords of the Long Box channel on YouTube. The report says that Warner Bros. has been extremely concerned about the video and how Miller’s image may be in danger.

The Background

Details on why Miller was drunk are unclear. Miller was in Iceland to film scenes for the third film in the Fantastic Beasts series.

The video shows Miller grabbing a woman by the throat and asking if she wants to fight. While the woman appears to have a smile on her face, it is unclear if Miller was doing this in “fun,” or if that woman was also drunk. The person holding the camera was trying to tell Miller to calm down and stop.

There were also reports from others that Miller was spitting on staff members at the bar and was showing off scars from past fights. Those reports have not been confirmed.

A Way Out?

Warner Bros. has been trying to get the DC movie series back up and running. The Flash movie was a possible way to reboot the series, especially following various high-profile flops. The movie is part of an extended effort to try and make the DC universe more appealing. The work includes a new Superman movie from J.J. Abrams and a Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson.

The Flash movie has been in development limbo for a while, not to mention it has been difficult to try and move the film forward. Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley were both tagged as directors, but they have both dropped out of the production. Daley recently posted on Twitter that there were “creative differences” in the film that led to him leaving production. Whether these differences relate to Miller is unclear.

There are also complaints from fans saying that they want Grant Gustin to play the Flash in the film instead. Gustin plays the Flash in the CW series of the same name.

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A Concern Surrounding Pronouns

There is also the worry among some people about how Ezra Miller’s incident might end up causing harm to the LGBT community. Miller claims to be a nonbinary person who prefers to use the “they” and “them” pronouns. Such plural pronouns are often utilized by people in the singular form when they say they do not identify with any specific genders.

The recent video controversy has caused plenty of disputes online and anger over how people are referring to Miller, with some calling Miller “he” or “him.” The controversy could be amplified over these disputes, which could make it to where Warner Bros. might have second thoughts about bringing Miller any further into the limelight.

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