Flash & Green Arrow’s Feud is DC’s Most Tragic

The preview for DC Comics’ The Flash #768 shows that Green Arrow and The Flash are in a feud over Roy Harper – but this shouldn’t be the case.

Flash and Green Arrow’s have DC Comic’s most tragic feud. Green Arrow and Wally West don’t see eye-to-eye very much, which is very unfortunate considering where they’re at right now. A new preview for The Flash #768 shows Green Arrow crossing some lines, but at the same time – he makes a valid point.

The newest issue of The Flash is preparing to take the series in a brand new, unexpected direction. After Dark Nights: Death Metal, Wally West was supposed to take over as Central City’s Flash, while Barry Allen became The Flash for the Omniverse – joining Justice Incarnate. Infinite Frontier #0 revealed that heroes that had died were coming back, which should come with large ramifications – particularly for Wally West and Oliver Queen. The events of Sanctuary have not yet been fully addressed or put in the past, as Wally was responsible for the death of Roy Harper – which Green Arrow hasn’t been able to forgive.

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The preview for The Flash #768 – written by Jeremy Adams with art by Brandon Peterson, Marco Santucci, and David LaFuente – shows that Green Arrow has some issues with Wally West that have not yet been resolved. Unfortunately, it seems a little late for that. However, Green Arrow does make some good points that the other heroes should all be closely listening.

  • Flash #768
  • written by JEREMY ADAMS
  • art and cover by BRANDON PETERSON
  • variant cover by IAN MacDONALD
  • ON SALE 3/16/21
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC
  • The retirement of Wally West begins! After the events spanning from DC Universe: Rebirth to Heroes in Crisis to Dark Nights: Death Metal, the former Kid Flash decides to call it quits. But the current Flash needs his former partner now more than ever. As fallout from Infinite Frontier hits the Flash, Barry Allen and Wally West must confront the past by way of a Justice League led by Green Arrow.

It is clear that the incident at Sanctuary back in the Heroes in Crisis event took a heavy – and expected – toll on Green Arrow. The funeral for Roy – and the reactions to it – presented in Green Arrow #18 (2016), showed that Oliver blamed himself for a lot of things. He lashed out at everyone and ultimately cycled around to focus on himself and his shortcomings. Now, with Wally back and the truth being known, Oliver is back to lashing out at the one person he can truly blame for Roy’s death. Wally has expressed sadness and regret over what happened, but it doesn’t change Roy being gone. What does is the reset of the universe in Dark Nights: Death Metal.

Oliver isn’t wrong about everyone needing to leave Wally to make his own choices. After everything Wally has been through and all the things he has been forced to do and the evil he has been used for, he deserves to take his life into his own hands in a positive way. It is a tough call to make, but it is ultimately Wally’s choice – and one that heroes don’t always get the chance to make. This moment shows that Oliver could understand the stresses of hero life, but it also reveals just how twisted he has become due to grief. Oliver perceives Wally as a threat, when anyone could turn out to be one, and when Wally has been so grieved about the accident as to consider death at his own hands. If Roy would call, the feud between The Flash and Green Arrow could end instead of being an ongoing tragedy.

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