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Fixing A Bad Lawn And Watering The Grass

Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful lawn? I mean, we all do it, right. The fact is that large lawns are not easy (or cheap), and sometimes the road to reach that lush green expanse can also be problematic for one’s wedding. I’m Nikki, and here’s my story …

Solve a bad lawn

Our lawn was a holy nightmare! For any reason, previous homeowners or landscapers decided to plant willow oak trees in the front lawn which, as it happens, is a huge slope. First of all, didn’t you pay attention to the monstrous size of these trees once they reached maturity? And like willows, this particular species of oak also enjoys water (but it also tolerates drought). Mistake number two. Then there is the whole thing about the slope: the water flows downhill.

Rapidly advancing years later, when these small trees reached enormous heights, the grass that was once there has almost completely disappeared. Now it is nothing more than a pile of roots to stumble upon and a large dirt hill becomes landslide every time it rains. UGH! It’s not an attractive sight, so my obsession with making one bed after another to compensate for this ugly dirty lawn.

So, after much debate, we finally decided to fix it. No, we haven’t removed the huge trees. However, we have professionally pruned them to allow for more sunlight in the area. We then removed the lawn (what was left of it) and added new soil, as well as rearranging the slope. And then came the grass seeds, held in place with nets in the steeper areas and straw in the others. My husband kept it religiously watered and when the grass started to sprout, this was an exciting time for us. FINALLY, beautiful green lawn! But it didn’t last long.

Watering the grass: too much can be a bad thing

To water or not to water – this is the question. Now, I’m the first to admit that lawns aren’t really my thing (as my hubby would surely have pointed out), but it seems to me that some common sense should come into play when watering the grass, especially recently planted at home. While my husband has built his strong lawn, that doesn’t mean he knows everything, although he will probably discuss it. I was told to stay with the growing plants because that is MY area and not to worry about the lawn. Sorry, it doesn’t happen!

I love my husband (I really do) and I respect his point of view BUT when it comes to watering the grass, we simply don’t see it in the eyes. I feel that she is watering too much and that obviously she does not feel that she is watering the grass for hours and hours is enough. All that rather young grass died quickly and, of course, was blamed on the landscaper, although I feel he was overburdening the lawn which weakened the already fragile grass.

Of course, it is necessary to water the lawn, especially when it is new, but once it is up and growing, this should be reduced. Too much only weakens the roots at a time when they should get stronger. And, my God, don’t water once the sun has set, dear! I may not be a lawn expert, this is a fact, but I know plants and watering too much or late at night is not a good thing. By the way, grass is also a plant!

I’m happy to report that after doing it a second time, we now have that lovely green lawn back – my husband just needs to calm down on the flood of the lawn.

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