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Five Things You Should Be Collecting

Five Things You Should Be Collecting

Five things: Does anyone really collect things anymore? Some things that were extremely collectible once upon a time aren’t worth much right now. like comic books. However, that doesn’t mean the market won’t come back and it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other things that you can collect for a future profit.

That’s kind of what collecting is all about, right? Maybe you want to trade the items in for cash in a decade to put your child through college, or maybe it’s your retirement plan. Whatever the plan, here are a few things worth collecting these days.

Gold And Silver

Right now silver might be down in price, but it won’t stay there forever. Both gold and silver are great things to collect and invest in. You can buy billions and bricks, or you can learn to keep an eye on the change that goes through your pocket.

Five things

If you want to watch for coins in your pocket, your most important ones to pay attention to are dimes and quarters. No longer are these coins made of silver, but if you watch for ones stamped 1964 and earlier you will definitely find some silver content. Keep them collected until the price of silver goes up before cashing them in.

Classic Electronics

From old Atari games and systems, to classic computers, vintage and antique electronics can bring you a good deal of money. In fact, less than a year ago an Apple computer that was buried in someone’s belongings sold for around $200,000. To look at it, it wasn’t much to see either.

Vintage Toys

If you have some of your childhood toys, or your parent’s childhood toys, laying around, they could be worth something. It’s also worth it to start collecting popular toys now, like those released for big movies like Star Wars- The Force Awakens.

Even opened and played with toys that are collectible can bring in some money. However, it’s better to keep them in their boxes, and even protect their boxes and packaging. You’ll get more money out of them when it’s time to sell.


Recently news articles have been coming out that are saying that Legos are worth more than gold, which may seem shocking to someone now into this foot hurting toys. Those that do buy them know they are not a cheap investment. Cheap or not, now may be a good time to start collecting.

First Editions And Autographed Books

People love autographs. While first edition books that are worth something will be harder to find since you’ll want to watch the classic books and antique shops, autographed books can be easier to come by.

Authors still do signings, and if you are lucky enough to live in a big city with a bookstore you can keep an eye out on popular authors coming to town. Even if you have to buy a new book, that signature could be worth a good deal down the road.

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