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Five Signs That You Need to Get Rid of Your Piercing

It might be strange for a body jewelry blog to say this, but it’s true: sometimes you just have to face the fact that a particular piercing isn’t for you.

Perhaps you got your piercing on a whim at a young age and are wondering if the piercing suits you even more. Or maybe you tried to get your piercing to stick but you have to keep getting it re-pierced due to complications like piercing bumps or rejection.

When it’s time to say goodbye to a new or old piercing, you will see the signs. Here are some of the greatest.

1. You tried multiple times to get the area pierced but it just won’t stick

There are so many factors that go into healing a piercing, including your aftercare habits, the expertise of the piercer who pierced you, your body’s ability to heal, and much more. Because of this, there are some things that can go wrong during healing that are simply beyond your (and your piercer’s) control.

If you have complications due to human error – you damaged the healing piercing, you failed to follow proper aftercare, you changed the jewelry too soon – your piercer may recommend allowing the piercing to heal and trying again later.

However, if you are still having trouble healing your piercing after the second or third attempt, it is probably time to give up on that piercing.

Woman looks frustrated

If you are frustrated because your cartilage piercing keeps getting piercing bumps, this could be a sign to give up the idea.

There is a chance that your lifestyle just doesn’t work out with the piercing you are trying to get and you accidentally damage the piercing while it is trying to heal. (For example, you could sleep on the piercing without realizing it.) But your body may simply not accept the piercing.

Whatever the reason, don’t continue to subject yourself to the torture of another failed piercing. Either give up piercings entirely or try again in a different location.

2. You feel uncomfortable wearing your piercing

Trends and styles change. Piercings, which were trendy ten years ago, may not be so trendy today. When this shift occurs, it’s easy to feel a little uncomfortable with your piercing, even if it’s one that you once loved.

That’s not to say that you should only wear piercings that are fashionable. If you still love your piercing and are comfortable in it, make sure you keep rocking it! After all, the piercing world is all about individual expression and the only thing that matters is whether you are feeling good about yourself.

However, some find it important to stick to current trends. And that’s more than okay. If you recently started looking in the mirror and experienced fear or a lack of excitement about your piercing, you should consider moving on. This could be the perfect time to get a hot new piercing or you could take a break from piercing styles for a while.

The worst that can happen is that in a few months or years you will miss your piercing and have it pierced again.

3. You cannot stick to the follow-up time

It’s spring. The weather is getting warmer, you are bringing out the crop tops, and you decide it’s the perfect time to get an umbilical piercing.

The first weeks pass well. They will take care of the piercing and clean it as directed.

But then the first heat wave comes and you and your friends are planning a beach trip. But guess what, you can’t go into the water with a healing umbilical piercing. What should I do?

People play in the ocean

If you haven’t healed your piercing yet but are on a beach vacation, make up your mind: swimming or piercing?

At this point you have two options: either give up the piercing or stay out of the water.

It happens. A 12 week healing period doesn’t seem that bad until you’re in the middle of it. When you’ve been weeks in the healing process and decide that you can’t take care of your piercing anymore, take it out. You can always re-pierce it at a better time, or choose a piercing with a healing period that you can respect.

You should never give up your healing practices just because you are fed up with them. When you are done with the piercing, it is time to say goodbye.

4. Your piercing is constantly bothering you

Depending on the location of your piercing and your activities, this can be a bothersome obstacle. For example, if you have an eyebrow piercing and have to wear helmets frequently, jewelry can get caught. That gets annoying quickly.

Even if you take the time to think about the placement of your jewelry, you won’t really know how it will affect your daily life until you receive it. While you can often get used to the jewelry and adapt to it automatically, sometimes it won’t.

Don’t let your piercing become a constant hassle. It’s okay to go without it and choose a piercing that won’t get in the way.

5. Your piercing is causing health problems

Oral piercings, in particular, can cause enamel wear and gum recession if the jewelry rattles against the teeth.

Other piercing styles such as tongue and cheek piercings can cause problems if pierced incorrectly.

Person at the dentist

If your lip piercing is causing mouth problems, consider choosing a different facial piercing.

Your health is far more important than your piercing. If you are having problems because of your piercing, don’t push yourself just because you love the look. Get rid of the piercing. There are numerous piercing styles to choose from that will not harm your body. Instead, opt for these so that you can look great and feel great.

Will i have a scar if i take out my piercing?

This is a great fear for many who are tired of piercing. They want to take their jewelry out, but they don’t know if it will leave a mark and they may prefer to keep the jewelry instead of wearing a scar.

The good news is that most piercings rarely leave a mark. This is a big reason piercing mounts exist: even piercings that have been healed for years can close pretty quickly if left without jewelry.

The best thing that you can do is have a tiny mark that you can barely notice, and there is a chance that at some point you will forget all about it.

Stretched flaps heal a little differently. Surprisingly, you can stretch them pretty hard before they go back to normal. Most piercers agree that you can stretch up to 00G and your ears should return to normal at some point. This of course depends on the individual.

You may need new jewelry to keep your piercing fresh

When you are on the fence about whether or not to say goodbye to one of your piercings, keep in mind that all you may need is new jewelry to freshen up your look.

Before you send your piercing to the curb, here are some jewelry styles that can make you reconsider.

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