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Five Pet Peeves: When you’re in the market for pet peeves, it is a good idea to get something specific from your pet that will help her out. Take a look at some of the top pet peeves that people have had a problem with and how they have helped their pet out in the end.

Five Pet Peeves
Five Pet Peeves

– You can’t change the weather when your dog is outside. Some of the most common pet peeves come from needing to get their house out of the weather. If it is a bad day, they will need to wait until a better day.

Great weather

– Do you know how great weather usually comes out at night? It’s usually cold and raining and your dog needs to be warm. They will stay in bed until it gets nice. Dogs hate it when you leave them out or let them stay in an area that they can’t get comfortable in.

– If you can’t stand the noise of your dog barking at every little thing that happens, then don’t try to make him stop. It’s okay to give in sometimes but if he keeps it up, then he will eventually make it work. A lot of the pet peeves come from barking. Dogs that bark and are rewarded are much happier dogs than dogs that are not.


– I want to go for a walk. The problem with this one is that there is not always a nice place to walk. Dogs that know what they want to do can easily say it out loud so the other can hear them.

– I want to get a treat. This one is hard to avoid because you cannot have treated if you want your dog to get something. It’s easy to say, “no” but that only works up to a point.

– I am going to use my toys. Some of the pet peeves come from trying to use your dog to fulfill the desires of others. Dogs that want to use your dog’s needs to their advantage are not happy dogs in the long run.

– I’m going to scratch him! Scratching is normal behavior for a dog but it isn’t going to make them happy. When they scratch, it is just to mark territory or to mark their own scent. Use it for a good purpose, such as cleaning up.

– I’m going to chew on the furniture. Some people see a chewing dog and think that they are doing great. The problem is that many dogs have the tendency to do this when they are bored or when they are going through a stage of separation anxiety.

Belly Rub

– I’m going to get a belly rub. This is a very common pet peeve for all sizes of dogs. The only reason that a belly rub is seen as cute is that a lot of people don’t realize that it is really not a healthy thing for a dog to be doing. This is a reason to get your dog groomed every week.

– Howling is a bad thing. This is another one of those annoying pet peeves that people tend to let slide. Everyone knows that a dog can hear at far distances and that doesn’t make howling good. If you have one that is constantly howling, then you should see a professional about it.

Pet peeves are easy to come by in some cases but not others. It is important to recognize how you can make sure that your dog is doing well.

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