Five People Arrested In Attempted Home-Invasion-Style Kidnapping Of Chinese Billionaire

He Xiangjian is one of the richest people in China. He founded the Midea group, one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances. Last weekend, he was the target of an abduction attempt in his luxury villa in the city of Foshan, in the south of Guangdong province. Fortunately, her son was present and was able to thwart the kidnapping and ask for help. On Sunday evening, Foshan police received a call saying that intruders had broken into the Xiangjian mansion. The call is believed to have been made by Xiangjian’s 55-year-old son He Jianfeng. The son is said to have left the house, dived into a nearby river, and swam for help. The area was locked between Sunday evening and Monday morning while the police were investigating the kidnapping attempt. Five suspects have been arrested in connection with the crime.

The police are still investigating the crime. Xiangjian Midea’s company issued a statement saying, “Thank you to the police, thank you to the media and to all sectors of society for your concern.” Xiangjian is one of the richest people in China. He built his business from scratch at the age of 26. The company started by manufacturing car parts and bottle covers. Today, it is one of the largest home appliance and air conditioning companies in China. Midea also owns the German company Kuka, one of the largest robotics companies in the world. Midea’s total operating revenue for 2019 has exceeded $ 33 billion.

A mansion in China (STR / AFP via Getty Images)

During the abduction attempt, Xiangjian, 77, was taken hostage with other family members. Her son was able to escape from the house and seek help. The first call for help indicated that the kidnappers were in possession of explosives. Police were called around 5:30 p.m. Sunday and learned that a private home in the village of Junlan International Golf Life had been broken into. The appellant, presumably Xiangjian’s son, said that the people inside the house were threatened.

Xianjian keeps a low profile compared to its other billionaire peers in China. He lives in a European-style mansion with Roman columns. The property normally has a large security presence, prompting people to wonder how five kidnappers could have accessed the house in broad daylight. Midea released the workers Monday while the company completed a risk assessment.

He Xiangjian has a net worth of $ 9 billion.

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