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Five advantages to installing Walk-in Showers at your facility

Five advantages to installing Walk-in Showers at your facility

Walk-in showers are a type of shower that can be entered without having to step over a curb. This is beneficial for those who are elderly, have a disability, or are pregnant. Walk-in showers also provide many other benefits including the following:

  1. Walk-in Showers reduce your risk of falling and slipping by eliminating the need to step over an edge when entering or exiting the shower enclosure.
  2. Walk-in Shower Enclosures allow you to conveniently bathe while standing up and can make it easier for people with limited mobility and balance issues.
  3. Walk-in Showers offer an option for children and adults with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease (PD), arthritis, stroke victims, spina bifida (SB), and quadriplegia (quad).
  4. Walk-in Showers make it easier to step over the curb when you want to get out of the shower.
Walk-in showers
Walk-in showers

Walk-in showers can be made larger than tub/shower combos Walk-in Showers provide a safer bathing environment Walk-in showers reduce the risk of slipping and falling Walk-in showers can be used without a shower curtain.

Walk-in showers are available in different designs, sizes and are configurable

Walk-in showers come with a door Walk-in showers can be created to your specifications

Walk-in showers allow you to stand up straight Walk-in Showers provide the same length of time as tub/shower combos Walk

Easier to use

Walk-in showers are easier to use than traditional showers. This is because you don’t have to step over a curb to get in, which can be difficult for elderly people, people with disabilities, or pregnant women.

Less cleaning required

Walk-in showers usually do not have a curb, so the water stays inside the shower and drains through a built-in drain. Traditional showers can be difficult to clean and they often develop mold and mildew.

They also require more extensive repainting than walk-in showers.

More comfortable for people with disabilities

Walk-in showers are better for people who want to remain in their wheelchairs and still take a shower. This is because the curb in traditional showers may be difficult for people in wheelchairs to step over.

Walk-in showers can be a great option for pregnant women. They provide easy access to the shower and help to avoid any potential slips and falls. Walk-in showers are also spacious, which can be helpful for pregnant women who are looking for some extra room.

Economically good

Walk-in showers can save you time and money in the long run. They are less expensive to install than traditional tiled showers, and they take less time to install. They are also easier to clean than tiled showers, which can help you save money on cleaning supplies.

We hope you’ve learned how Walk-in Showers can benefit your facility’s business in the long run. We know that installing a new shower may not be an easy or inexpensive decision, but we encourage you to do some research and see if this is something worth looking into for your company. If so, contact HomeBuddy today to get started on designing and planning your installation! ~~We guarantee our customers will love the transformation from their old showers to these walk-in models!

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