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Fire Claims – Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

After suffering a fire the home owner will have to file a claim for property damage so that they can clean up and start rebuilding. Fires are devastating and sometimes homeowners make a costly mistake during and after resolving their requests for fire. Most will allow a firefighter to review their property and file the request, but there may be things missing during the initial request. One thing to note is that after the insurance company has sent you a check and closed the fire claims, the homeowner has three years to add to the existing closed claim. This can be done if it is found that the damage has not been properly assessed. To make sure you get the right deal for your claims, here are some tips to help you.

Document damage to your home and other buildings

Take the time to inspect and document the damage yourself. If the house is not a total loss, be sure to take photos of the damaged rooms. Try taking panoramas and some close-up photos. Before entering the room, hall or closet, take a tour. Doing so will help you organize your photos and which ones belong to which room. For example, with the living room, pan, then go from top to bottom of the walls, ceiling, doors and floor.

Documenting damage to your content

The next step is to return to each room and closet to inventory your content. For everything that is damaged, including clothes, shoes, furniture, paintings, etc. Who have been damaged by fire making sure to show the damage on the photo. Yes, this will take many photos but everything must be documented to get the right settlement. Make a list of all the contents that have been damaged. After listing the damaged items and taking photos, take a look at the room to make sure you haven’t lost a thing. Create an inventory list for each room with attached images.

Review your insurance policy

Yes, insurance policies are difficult to understand, but before making claims, you should take the time to review the police bases, such as how much coverage you have at home, how much coverage is on your belongings and how much the policy will pay. to stay in a hotel.

Once fire requests are made, the fire request controller will cover the site of the fire and initiate his claim. Do not provide them with the original photos and the inventory request sheet but a copy. This will help them speed up the complaint.

by Lora Davis

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