Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Release date, trailers, and more

We all knew Final Fantasy 7 Remake was just the beginning but had no idea how long we would have to wait for the next part, or even how many parts this incredibly ambitious project would end up spanning. Since fans have been begging Square Enix to remake what is quite possibly the most popular and important JRPG of all time for years, there was obviously a lot of pressure on them to get it right. While there was plenty of skepticism for the first part changing so much about the core formula, once we had it in our hands, it became almost universally praised.

After Remake, there was next to no news on when Cloud and his ragtag team’s adventure would continue. That is, not until the 25th anniversary of the original PlayStation 1 game, when Square Enix dropped a ton of info on us all at once. The biggest news was obviously the official reveal of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirththe second part in what we now know to be a trilogy of titles. After beating the first part, you should know that your knowledge of the original title will only serve you so well going forward, so here’s everything we know about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Note: There will be spoilers throughout for both Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the original Final Fantasy 7.

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Release date

cloud and sephiroth walking toward a bridge.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was revealed with just a release window for now. As of the time of this writing, it is scheduled to come out “next winter,” meaning the winter of 2023 running into early 2024. Considering Final Fantasy 16 is slated to release sometime in the summer of next year, we’d imagine Square Enix would want to give a good amount of space between these titles, so our bet is that it comes either very late in 2023 or, more likely, January or February of 2024.


zack and cloud approaching midgar.

This is another interesting aspect of the whole Final Fantasy 7 retelling trilogy. We all remember the first part, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, being a PS4 exclusive at launch, then later getting a PS5 upgrade as well as a PC version. However, that game has still not yet come to any other platforms. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirthat least as far as the reveal trailer indicates, will follow the same formula, though skipping the PS4. When it comes out, you can only play this game on the PS5.

We suspect that, again, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will come to PC within a year of the PS5 version, if the same type of deal between Sony and Square Enix exists for this game as it had for the first. As far as Xbox players are concerned, while we knew that Final Fantasy 7 Remake was only a timed exclusive, the fact that it still hasn’t shown up on that platform yet indicates that either the deal keeps the games exclusive to Sony consoles until the next game in the series comes out or even possibly until the entire trilogy is out. That’s pure speculation, but is the only thing that makes sense when it has been over two years without it coming to Xbox.


Our first look at Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was in a quick trailer that revealed the game during the Final Fantasy 7 25th anniversary event in 2022. It opens with Aerith stating that while the past may be set in stone, the future can be changed, even if it has been “written.” This is clearly referencing the last game where notable changes to the story weren’t just made but were actually a plot point that we’ll go into a bit more later.

We get a shot of the iconic meteor crashing into the planet with the simple question posed, “What will become of the planet?” From there we see Cloud for the first time walking with Sephiroth toward a forested area as he states that “he wants to finish what he started — reclaim his birthright and rule over the planet with Jenova at his side.” This scene is almost certainly from the flashback that occurs right after Cloud and his team leave Midgar and he explains his past with the villain in his hometown.

As the two continue walking, we hear more conversations, with Cloud most likely talking about how he thought Tifa was already dead after Sephiroth went mad, burned down their hometown, and attempted to steal Jenova from the reactor. Tifa stops him and ask