Final Fantasy 13: Every Main Character’s Age, Height, & More

Final Fantasy 13: It is known for the division it created between fanbases. It is sometimes praised as the worst mainline entry in the franchise, while others praise it in various fields, such as music, world building, and the war system. Despite its controversy, this is one of the recent times Final dream The title, to experiment with its game design, must be somewhat different from the classic turn-based style.

But we are not here to discuss the merits of the game, as this article is about the main characters. Need to know about the players here Final Fantasy XIII Character. Unfortunately, FF13 Using dates on a large scale is avoided, so there is no official birthday of any character.

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1 1 Claire “Lightning” Faron

Claire “Lightning” Farron is 21 years old FF13 And is 5’7 “(171 cm). Not only that, he is the main character Final Fantasy XIII Series, but she serves as the party’s focused leader in the first game. In gameplay, Lightning’s paradigms are Commando, Revagar, and Medicine. He specializes in gunblade attacks and … well, thunder magic. His eidolon (summon) is Odin.

Lightning is a l’Cie who is searching for her younger sister, Serah Farron. A former Guardian Corps soldier, Lightning is a distant and cold woman who learns to trust her teammates throughout the story. He is initially particularly hostile to Hope and Snow, but they become his closest allies and friends. Lightning’s birthday was never revealed, though it happened just before FF13Sequence opening.

10 Snow villiers

Snow is 21 years old in villain FF13 and is 6’7 “(200 cm); he is the tallest character in the main cast. Snow serves as a monk-based character in the gameplay, dealing with damage to his Uses large rejuvenation and powerful punches. He also has abilities and moves that allow him to do tank attacks. His paradigms are Commando, Revagar, and Sentinel. Snow specializes in water / ice magic, and his Idolane is Shiva.

Snow is a prominent and optimistic person. Like Lightning, he goes on a journey to rediscover his fiancée Sera. Electricity does not initially approve of their relationship; Snow tried to spend some of the story with the soldier. Prior to becoming L’Cie, he was the leader of a neighborhood watch group called NORA.

9 Hope Esteem

Hope Esteem is 14 years old FF13 And stands at 5’0 “(153 cm). While serving as the most powerful rash of the group, Hope’s paradigms are Rager, Synergist, and Medicine. Later in the game, Hope also gains access to sacred spells. The young boy uses a boomerang as his weapon of choice. Hope’s Eidolon is Alexander.

Asha is a quiet and innocent boy. Coming from a high-class lifestyle, he knows nothing about the war before the main story. His mother, Nora, joins Snow and NORA to stop Purge. When Skybridge collapses, Nora is killed while saving Snow. Hope eventually joins the group to confront Snow on her mother’s death. Throughout the story, Hope learns to trust herself more and stands up for others.

8 Saj katzroy

Sazh Katzroy is 40 years old, making him, biologically, the oldest member of the group. He is 6’2 “, including his Afro or 189 cm. The middle-aged man produces dual pistols and serves as a ranger in the main cast. He also performs fire-based attacks and sets his own Known for his hasty abilities. Sazh’s paradigm is Commando, Revagar, and Synergist, and his eidollen is Brynhilder.

Despite constant concerns and troubling situations over the group, Saaz is a mature but bright man. He is introduced to the game with Lightning, along with his Chocobo Chick partner in the Purge Train. He was traveling with Lightning to fleece the cocoon and find his l’Cie son Daj. When Daz fails to complete his attention and crystallizes like Serah, Saaz continues with the group to save his son from the fate he did not ask for.

7 Orba dia vanille

Orba Dia Vanille, or just Vanille, is at 5’3 “(161 cm). Physically, Vanille is 19 years old, but she is chronologically the oldest in the group. A magic-focused character, Vanille’s best Guna comes in the form of a white pimple and healer. He can use the game and techniques like Death and Doom late in the game. Vanille’s paradigms are Ragger, Saboteur, and Medicine, and his eidolain is the hecatonchair.

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The full name of the vanille is “Vanil of the Diya clan from Oraba village”. Acting as the story’s architect, Vanille has a “deep resolve” hidden by his bright and enthusiastic personality. She appears for the first time in the story as Hope with Hope and her mother Nora. After Nora dies, Vanille accompanies Hope to help the boy confront Snow on her mother’s death.

6 Orba yun feng

Orba Yun Fang, or just Fang, is physically 21 years old. Chronologically, she is centuries old. Fang also stands at 5’9, making her the longest woman on the team. Fang’s playstyle follows the earlier dragoon class Final dream Characters like Can Highwind. She uses lances and spears, launches targets into the air and uses wind magic. Fang’s paradigms are commandos, sentinels and saboteurs, and his eidolane is Bahmut.

Shiva is confronted after the Battle of Snow. Despite being Pulse L’C, she is working with Sanctuam so that she can reconnect with Vanille and complete her focus. Fang comes across as mysterious and cavalier, but not as distant as Lightning nor as calm as Hope. He is very focused on his goals.

5 Serah Faron

Serah Farron is 18 years old and 5’4 ”(164 cm). Serah is Lightning’s sister and Cocoon’s first Pulse l’Cie. While she does not have much presence in the story, she serves as the main inspiration for Snow and Lightning.

Serah is depicted as a sweet and gentle girl who always wants the best for the people she cares about. She has neither combat capability nor lead role Final Fantasy XIII-2, Where he is the main character.

4 Cid rain

Cid Raines is at 6’6 ”(199 cm). Her age is not listed as she is an NPC and boss character. A long lineage of characters named “CID” in the Final Fantasy franchise are also part of the rain, such as CID Hywind and Sid Kramer.

The Rain Guardian Corps is the commander of the cavalry and Lindblum heads the airship. The commander aims to free the people of the cocoon from the “tyranny” of Falsey, and he is ready to use l’Cie to make his dream become a reality.

3 Jihal Nabat

Jihal Nabat is at 5’4 “(166 cm), but his heel gives him an extra 10 cm. Players never faced Jihal in a boss fight Final Fantasy XIII, But she can be fought in threequels Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Nabat is the evil commander of PSICOM, the cocoon’s anti-l’Cie military force. Like Rance, she constantly interferes with the journey of the l’Cies.

Nabat also plays an important role in Shaz’s character development and story, tricking the man so that he can test Daz. She said, “She looks at all L’C, whether they are from Pulse or Cocoon, as subhuman. He is a cold and calculating sedist who sees himself better than ordinary humans, “according to Final dream Vicky.

2 Yag rosh

Lieutenant Colonel Yag Roche is 6’2 “(190 cm) and has no birthday or age listed due to being a recurring NPC. He has no owner. Roche is the director of PSICOM and serves as the right-hand man of Nabat. We do.

Nabat and Ros have different opinions on Lucky and Falsey, but he cares deeply about the people of the cocoon. Not only this, he believes that “Falci presents for the guide … [is] In the interest of humanity. ”

1 Primarch Galanthe Disley

Primark does not have a birthday, but he stands at 185 cm, a little over six feet. Disley is considered the main antagonist Final Fantasy XIII, But not the final owner.

Despite its old appearance, it is very deceitful. While Disley was elected to his position as the primer who rules over all of the cocoons, his ulterior motives extend beyond Lucky and beyond the “protection” of the cocoon, and anyone he wants. There is no qualification about spending to get it.


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