Figaro Olive Oil Review, Benefits and How I use this

Figaro Olive Oil Review and How to apply it for skin and Hair

Hi all, I had this Figaro olive oil with me since ages. And you know, I got this Figaro olive oil after reading some great benefits of olive oil for hair and skin. I earlier was not aware from where we can get olive oil in India but then one day saw this brand of olive oil at one my friends place. She was using olive oil for wrinkle cure and skin aging. Then I searched this at a store and bought these. This was around 3 – 4 years ago but now, Figaro olive oil or other best olive oil brands are easily available in Indian market. You can buy them online or from medical stores even. I like this Figaro olive oil because it came in a tin can which I used to like. Okay, so friends let’s read more about this Figaro olive oil and its review. I will also tell you how I use this in my daily life. I also wrote an article on how to use olive oil for dry hair that you may read.

Figaro Olive Oil Review, Price, Benefits and How I use for skin and hair

Price of Figaro brand olive oil:

This is for 225 rupees for 200 ml tin can. Buy here online

Figaro Olive Oil Review, Price, Benefits and How to use

Experience with Figaro Olive oil and How I use this

Olive oil is used for so many things, like we can use olive oil for cooking. Use this for hair as hair oil or use this for our skin. But if you are using olive oil for the skin, then you have to use extra virgin olive oil. This Figaro olive oil is not extra virgin olive oil but this is a refined olive oil. We can use refined olive oil for cooking and for hair like as hair oil.

Now you must be thinking what is extra virgin olive oil?

Well, extra virgin olive oil is made from the process of applying some pressure to the olive seeds. So, that is a pure olive oil with no chemicals used etc. As extra virgin olive oil is pure and free from any refining chemical we can safely use that for our skin. If you are thinking of getting extra virgin olive oil then you can try brand like Soulflower, AloeVeda etc They make extra virgin olive oil.

Now, I will tell you what you can do with this olive oil for the hair care and beauty purpose.

Figaro Olive Oil Review, Price, Benefits and How I use this oil

Now, I will tell you what you can do with this Figaro olive oil for the hair care and beauty purpose.

Benefits of Figaro olive oil for various uses

Out of the several benefits that olive oil can have the majority of them are for the skin, hair, health and for the regular cooking. So, let’s check how you can use olive oil in day today life.

Figaro Olive Oil Benefits for Hair

Good Hair Growth: Olive oil is an excellent oil that can aid in the hair growth by initiating the stimulation of the scalp follicles. The best way to apply the olive oil using some mild hot oil. This way this seeps in the scalp well and gives the maximum benefits for the hair.

Oil Massaging: You can also apply  olive oil with some more oils like the regular coconut oil, amla oil, bhringraj oil etc. this way the benefits and effectiveness can be multiple folds.

Shinier Hair: I mix this Figaro oil with some almond oil and would apply the oils on my scalp with gentle massaging with my fingers. It stimulates the scalp circulation and makes hair shinier and grow well.

Fights Dandruff: Do you know that the fatty acids and anti bacterial anti-oxidants in this oil is useful for the protection for the dandruff as well. Massaging it on the scalp helps minimize dandruff. It helps in minimizing the dryness and itching as well.

Minimize Hair Damage: Damage that is due to chemicals and sun damage can be reversed. When you do not have the time, then you can simply apply the olive oil and then make the hair in a bun. This helps to minimize the damage.

Prevent Hair Loss: Hair loss and baldness is a sign that is age related but it can be also due to the certain conditions. So, to combat that you can prepare a simple hair pack. By mixing 2 tablespoonful of olive oil with 2 teaspoonful of honey and ¼ cup of curd. Apply this mixture on the hair and massage gently. After this rinse the pack off the hair using warm water.

Hot oil massaging: I can mix this with some of my patanjali coconut oil or any coconut oil. Then warm it up a bit. Then use this oil to massage my scalp. I will leave this on my hair for overnight. Then wash the hair in the morning. This makes my hair very softer and shinier. In fact this deep conditions the dry frizzy damaged hair as well.

Hair pack with Figaro olive oil: I can also make a hair pack with this olive oil. I will take 3- 4 spoonful of this olive oil. Then mix 3-4 spoonful of honey and some almond oil. I will then use this to massage my hair and hair ends. Then, I will tie my hair in a bun so, that I can work and my sticky hair should not bother me. Then after 2 hours, I will shampoo my hair. This is good treatment for dry hair which are sun damaged.

Figaro Olive Oil Review, Price, Benefits

Benefits of Figaro Olive Oil for Skin

Now, after mentioning the hair benefits, I should include this list where I have mentioned the benefits of olive oil for the skin. This wonderful oil has immense benefits to make skin beautiful and how? Let’s get to know how can you incorporate Figaro Olive oil in your beauty regimen.

Face mask for dry skin: When your skin is dry and damaged then olive oil can come to your rescue. Take 2 teaspoonfuls of olive oil and mix with 1 teaspoonful of honey in it. Then you can cure the dry patches and cold sores.

Eye makeup remover: You can even use this Figaro olive oil as eye makeup remover along with some rose water to remove your waterproof eye makeup that takes a lot of time to get away.

Reduce Wrinkles and Lines: When you are aging, the effects can also be seen on the skin as well. Your skin looks wrinkled and less glossier. So how or combat aging signs with the use of olive oil? This is a simple task. You just have to apply olive oil on the face daily at night while you are going to sleep. So, in short, this oil will act as a night solution for the age control.

Curing Acne and Pimples: You can also minimize the bout of cane with just two ingredients like the Olive oil and ea tree oil. Yes, take 1 drop of olive oil and mix that with the one drop of tea tree oil. Mix this with a Q tip or cotton bud and apply this on the acne at night. For more pimples, make the mixture more.

Dark Circles: Apply pure olive oil daily at night. Applying this oil at light under the eye area can fade the darkness to make the under eye area brighter.

Figaro Olive Oil Benefits for Body Care

Coming to the advantages of this Olive oil for the body skin. Our  body skin too needs the care and attention to stay beautiful therefore, the remedies with olive oil can be useful and result giving.

Body massaging for dry skin: My mum’s body skin is very dry, so she will use this to massage her dry skin with this olive oil and the skin looks radiant. This also makes the skin texture smoother and also treats the fine lines on skin.

Cuticle care: For dry cuticles, rub a few drops of olive oil on the cuticle area and over the nail skin too. Do this everyday at night.

Scrubbing for body: You can use this Figaro oil for making a very useful body scrub. To make that olive oil body scrub. You will need 3-4 spoonful of sugar, 3-4 teaspoonful of this olive oil and then 3-4 spoonful of honey. Mix all of them and take it with you in the shower. Use this to scrub your body and keep on the skin for 10 minutes. Then complete the bath. This will smoothen the skin and skin feels so much softer. This can also be a good foot scrub.

Hand lotion: Mix some olive oil with milk cream and use on your dry feet and hands at night while going to sleep. This will help soften them up.

Hand Lotion: Figaro Olive oil is a high in emollient product that can be applied on the hands at night to cure them against the winter dryness. Apply a mixture of olive oil and jojoba oil to get beautiful soft hands.

Body Scrubber: You can scrub and massage the body skin using the olive oil scrub. Mix olive oil with sugar and little bit of honey. Then taking it in your palm, scrub your body with this scrub.

Cracked Heels: Olive oil is also effective in curing the cracked heels and dryness. Apply olive oil with coconut oil and some mustard oil in it. Apply this at night and sleep. You will find good results in curing the cracked heels and dryness.

Baby Massaging: Massaging is essential for babies and for the proper growth of babies. Therefore, you can use olive oil for massaging purpose as well. Mix olive oil with some coconut oil which can help in stimulation of cells and blood circulation. Here is the complete list of the best baby massaging oils available in India.

Why use Olive oil for Cooking

Olive oil is said to be one of the healthiest oil for cooking. The reason is that it contains various Mono-saturated fats and also has anti-oxidants that reduce the cell oxidation which is also known as oxidative stress of the cells that eventually causes the cell aging. So, you can also put that over the salads as dressing. Consumption of olive oil helps in reduction of the bad cholesterol. It is good for healthy heart and blood pressure. It is a light oil and have no bad fats that can give stress on the arteries.

Good about Figaro Olive Oil

  • Affordable
  • Suitable and healthy for cooking
  • Very healthy and has good fatty acids which reduces the cholesterol
  • Beneficial to be used on the hair and as hair oil
  • Can also be applied and used for beauty uses for body skin but do not use this on face

Not so good about Figaro olive oil

  • The tin pack is hard to use as the oil will spill on the outside.
  • It is a refined olive oil not extra virgin olive oil hence not for the face if you have oily skin

Rating for Figaro olive oil: 4 out of 5

This Figaro olive oil can be used for cooking. Olive oil is very healthy for cooking as compared with other oils. This can also be used for hair and skin. If you have oily skin I will not recommend you to try this on the face.

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