FF7 Remake: How Red 13 Lost His Eye

Red XIII only has one eye in Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The reason for this can only be found in s outside of games.

Red XIII only has one eye in Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 remake, and neither game gives an explanation for how it lost the other. The story of his injury can only be found in FF7additional documents, although this may appear in future entries of the FF7 remake series.

In the original version FF7, members of Avalanche accidentally free Red XIII while trying to save Aerith from imprisonment at Shinra headquarters. He joins the party because he sees the strength in their numbers. Once the group leaves Midgar, he stays with them throughout the game in order to protect the world from Shinra, and players learn more about his backstory in his home in Cosmo Canyon. Although he plays a relatively minor role in the overall story, he gets a pretty important moment for himself: the last canonical scene of the original. FF7 The timeline implies that Red XIII will travel to the ruins of Midgar with her cubs, although this event was changed in the remake, as FF7 remakeThe party has created a new timeline.

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When Cloud first meets the dog-like character in the two FF7 and FF7 remake, Red XIII is missing his right eye. The games never explain his injury, but the answer can be found in the Japanese exclusive Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania book, as translated by The Lifestream.

Red XIII’s eye loss is only partially explained apart from FF7

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Red XIII FInal Fantasy VII remake

In the Before the crisis video game – an exclusive prequel to Japan FF7 which will soon be located as part of the Ever Crisis mobile game – the Turks capture Red XIII as he participates in a ritual with Deneh, the last remaining female of his kind. Red XIII sacrifices himself to their capture so that Deneh can escape. Both of her eyes are intact during this previous chapter, which takes place shortly before FF7 the good begins.

Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania explains Red XIII lost his eye while being held captive by Hojo, to whom the Turks brought him. In FF7, Red XIII talks about having a score to settle with Hojo, which probably refers to the eye he lost. It is not known if the eye was intentionally removed as part of an experiment, if it was injured by accident, or if this occurred during an escape attempt.

Red XIII was reduced to membership in the NPC party in FF7 remake, because it was introduced too late in the story to be playable. It is likely that the story of Red XIII will be developed in future entries of the FF7 remake series, however, and fans could finally learn the story of how he lost his eye, as the good boy himself recounted.

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: Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania via The Lifestream

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The Last of Us Remastered

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