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Few clear tips on buying New Jewelry – Clear Tips

Few clear tips on buying New Jewelry

Buying New Jewelry: Buying a new piece of jewelry can be exciting, that is if you know what you want and where to get it. As people say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? But where do you start? What are the things you should know before you go ahead and buy something? Jewelry, which is not of the artificial variety, can be expensive, and that means that you have to be extra careful when purchasing it. So to avoid stressing yourself the next time you go out to buy something beautiful for yourself, here are a few clear tips on buying new jewelry.

Buying New Jewelry
Buying New Jewelry

Look for a maker’s mark on the piece of jewelry you’re buying as one of the few tips on buying new jewelry:

When you look at a piece of jewelry, always make sure that it has a makers mark on it. A maker’s mark is a mark of authenticity of the maker of the jewelry. Think of it as a painting that is signed by the artist. A maker’s mark is proof that you got jewelry from a said jeweler. It is often engraved into the jewelry and is hard to miss.

Look For the Quality Stamp on the piece you’re Buying:

The next time you head out to buy a piece of jewelry either for yourself or your loved ones, another great tip is to ensure that it has a quality stamp present on it. A quality stamp on a piece of jewelry indicates the type of metal used and its fineness.

In the US these quality marks are always required to be accompanied with the maker’s mark. Often you’d find such a target in a not so prominent place like the inside shank in a ring. In Europe, such a mark goes by the name of a hallmark. A hallmark is pretty much the same as a quality mark, in that you’d know the fineness of the metal used, the country where it was manufactured in and so forth.

Buying a piece of jewelry with Gems- Make sure they are all secure as one of the few tips on buying new jewelry:

Buying New Jewelry
Buying New Jewelry

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that has gems or other embellishments on it, then an excellent suggestion to keep in mind is to see if all the stones are intact. Most often the pearls are secured tightly in place. However, this may not always be the case when you buy a piece of jewelry. Although it happens rarely, it’s better being safe than sorry.

Another point related to the previous one is that you should always check to see if the stones or gems on the piece are all damage free. You can do this just by looking carefully at the piece or asking the jeweler for a jeweler’s loupe. Make sure you look at all the gems on the piece and check for any abraded facets or chips.

Ensure the Metal of the Jewelry you’re getting is not Scratched:

Any sort of metal, be it one with a matte finish, textured, bright or one with a shiny finish, you always have to make sure that it is not scratched. Any scratch on the piece will be easily noticeable. So this is one of the few Elite Tips on buying new jewelry that is easy to follow.

Buying New Jewelry
Buying New Jewelry

Make Sure you get a Warranty Policy and that you clearly Understand its Terms:

When buying new jewelry, it’s always useful to get a warranty policy along with it. Most jewelers will give you one on every purchase. If you do happen to get, one make sure that you read all the terms and conditions correctly. This will help you in case you want to return a piece you recently purchased. It also means that you can get any loose stones or gems fixed.

Some warranty policies allow you even to get your jewelry polished and cleaned every once in a while. At times the jeweler will also check for any loose stones or gems that needs fixing.

This is one of the few tips on buying new jewelry you need to know, especially if it’s an expensive one- Get an appraisal:

If you’re in the mood of buying a particularly valuable piece of jewelry or an antique maybe, then it’s always good to get an assessment of the piece you’re buying. An appraisal, let’s say as an example when you purchase an antique, verifies the authenticity of the piece you’re buying as well as gives you a replacement value of the piece. This comes in handy when taking out an insurance policy and for general peace of mind.

Buying New Jewelry
Buying New Jewelry

Buying Gems ask for a lab report:

A useful tip to know the next time you go and buy something with gems is to ask for a lab report. These days you can get synthetic gems or natural ones. A lab report will tell you precisely what you’re getting. Whether it is the real deal or something artificial. To make sure you get the most out of a lab report, it is essential that you get it to form an independent lab. You will even come to know if any further treatments have been done on the gem or stone.

What’s in a Brand name?

The next time you head out to treat yourself to something nice first check whether you’re getting value for money.  By this I mean to say whether you’re merely paying for a brand name or are you getting a unique piece. Often when you go to a famous jeweler, you usually have to pay for the brand name as well as the piece you’re buying. Many times that said the piece isn’t worth it and all you’re paying for is the brand name tag attached to it.

In such cases, you could get something cheaper and better looking at a not-so-famous store. But always use this tip carefully, as with known brands you get the right quality standards and certificates, but you can’t say the same with lesser known brands.

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