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Festival mehndi patterns in festival seasons

Festival mehndi patterns in festival seasons

Mehndi is now adopted by many people in different religions and traditions. Hence there are a number of ways they have been customized. To make sure that they are matching the festival theme and scenario exactly.

Festival mehndi patterns

Festival mehndi patterns

Festival mehndi patterns

These days, Mehndi has become one of the most important parts of makeup and decoration in all occasions. It has occupied center floor in the preparation ceremony for wedding. It is also conducted as a separate activity in most of the wedding occasions in India.


Importance of Mehndi:

India is a land of diversity where there are people following different culture and different tradition will live together sharing their ideas and fashion with others. But commonly, applying Mehndi seen as usual and traditional in all communities in India.

Festival mehndi patterns

One of the most important fashion stuff that became popular in most of the places in India is Mehndi. There are many people from different religions and traditions now adopted Mehndi in their festivals and it became one of the important activities during festival seasons.

Festival mehndi patterns

Some of the important designs of Mehndi that are being followed in India are as follows:

  1. Floral design:

It is not related to any general trend or tradition, it is a simple and plain Mehndi design that anyone can easily create and develop. The most important theme in this floral Mehndi design is the flowers. Depending on the creativity of Mehndi artist, the number of flowers can start from single to multiple numbers as they tend to create the design. It is suitable for all occasions

Floral Mehndi design

Floral henna design

  1. Indian Mehndi design:

The most important inspiration behind the Indian style of Mehndi is the Indian symbols and traditions. It will be sometimes as simple as a swastika symbol to many complex designs which may be either inspired from religion or from general arts. Most of the Indian Mehndi design pattern will resemble a chakra or some other forms which Mehndi artists will develop on their own way. There are many new forms of Mehndi coming up in the recent days in the range of Indian Mehndi. It is suitable for all religious ceremony and also for marriages

  1. Arabic Mehndi design:

Arabic design is the first and the most traditional Mehndi design that is followed worldwide. Most of the designs in this range are inspired by creativity of ancient Arabic civilization. There are countless numbers of designs available in this range. It is mostly preferred by people in Muslim community. They apply Arabic Mehndi designs in almost all occasions

  1. African Mehndi Design:

The main theme of African Mehndi design is birds and plants. It is not a traditional Mehndi design, but it is developed recently. Most important feature of this design is the birds like peacock and parrots along with some flowers and plants. It is not widely preferred by many people, but it is now trending well in the recent days. New designs and patterns are being created in this theme in recent days

  1. Bangle style Mehndi design:

Bangle style Mehndi is inspired by pre Indian tradition and culture. It is suitable mostly for wedding ceremony and very rarely people go for this design for some other occasions. It starts from wrist and ends in elbow without targeting palm. Only experts can apply and make this design to look so perfect

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