Festival de Luchon 2022: Two women with Odile Vuillemin and Mise à nue with Julie de Bona…

From February 7 to 13, the 24th edition of the Luchon TV Festival took place. A look back at the prize list awarded by the Fiction Jury chaired by Coline Serreau, who awarded for the first time this year a double Prize for duo interpretation.

festival de luchon 2022: two women with odile vuillemin and mise à nue with julie de bona...
Jean-Marc Auclair – Alauda Films

For its 24th edition this year, the Luchon Festival devoted to television works presented no less than sixty works of fiction from France, Europe and French-speaking countries.

The fiction jury, chaired by actress, director and screenwriter Coline Serreau, was made up for the occasion of actors Nadège Beausson-Diagne (Plus Belle la vie), Jérémy Banster (Un Si Grand Soleil), Valérie Karsenti (Household scenes), Marine Delterme (Manipulations) and Sara Mortensen (Astrid and Raphaëlle), screenwriter Vincent Poymiro (In Therapy), composer Bruno Coulais and producer Moulay Ahmed Belghiti.

Rewarding with less than a dozen works, the festival innovated this year by awarding the Interpretation Prize for a duo to two pairs of actors: Julie de Bona and Julien Boisselier for the unit Exposedaround the ordeal of a woman victim of revenge-porn, and Odile Vuillemin and Agatha Bonitzer for the historical TV movie Two womeninspired by the true story of a woman accused of murder in the 1960s in France saved from the death sentence thanks to the pugnacity of a young investigating judge.

The full list

Best Unitary Fiction

Two Women, written by Stéphane Brisset and Chantal De Rudder and directed by Isabelle Doval (France 2)

With Odile Vuillemin, Agatha Bonitzer, Aurelien Recoing…

In 1965, Monique Case, who claims her freedom of morals, is wrongly accused by misogynistic cops. She will be saved from the guillotine by a shy and reserved examining magistrate who chooses to rebel against the machismo of the judicial hierarchy and of the time…

Best Series 52′

Face to face, written by Yann Le Gal and Hélène Hassoun and directed by Julien Zidi (France 3)

With Claire Borotra, Constance Gay, Pascal Demolon

A crime. Two views. One wants to find the culprits, the other that they be condemned. Instinctive, Vanessa, the cop, frees herself from the rules to stop the assassins. Procedurist, Justine, the judge, ensures that the culprit is condemned. One thing in common: their father. Half-sisters, they are condemned to live and work together.

Best Short Program

I would like to be erased, written and directed by Florence Lafond and Eric Piccoli (ICI TOU.TV – Canada)

With Jean-Nicolas Verreault, Marilyn Castonguay, Schelby Jean-Baptiste…

In a popular district of Montreal, Mélissa, Eddy and Karine live in the same building, but are not friends. From a young age, they have to deal with an environment that is already eating adults. These are three torn childhoods that collide.

Best Foreign Francophone Fiction

I would like to be erased

Interpretation Prize for a Duo – Ex-Aequo

Julie de Bona and Julien Boisselier for Mise à nue (France 2)

Written by Barbara Grinberg and Hélène Cohen and directed by Didier Bivel

Sophie shoots the popular local bookseller, but has she hit the wrong target? She accuses him of having exposed on the internet the images of their nights of love. Sophie feels that he destroyed her by treating her like a pornographic object. The trial will reveal the ordeal of this young woman victim of cyber-crime and all the impact on her children and loved ones. The lack of evidence is a problem for Sophie, will we believe her?

Odile Vuillemin and Agathe Bonitzer for Two women

Most promising Actress

Cassiopée Mayance for Et Doucement rekindle the stars (France 2)

Written by Lorène Delannoy and Perrine Fontaine and directed by Thierry Petit

Best Male Hope

Samuel-Allain Abitbol for I will go after my dreams (M6)

Written and directed by Stephanie Pillonca and Catherine Hoffman

Best Achievement

Isabelle Doval for Two Women

Best Screenplay

Florence Lafond and Eric Piccoli for I would like to be erased

Best Original Score

Philippe Sarde for the comedy Juliette dans son bain, written and directed by Jean-Paul Lilienfeld and Gilles Taurand (Art)

Prize “Emotion of the Festival”

Awarded to all the young performers of the film Handi Gang, written by Marine Gacem, Cara Zina and directed by Stéphanie Pillonca

Prize for Fiction without drone

I would like to be erased

Audience Award

Best Unitary Fiction

She Saved Me, Written and Directed by Ionut Teianu and Jean-Marie Goix (M6)

With Juliette Roudet, Laura Sepul, Leo

This is the story of two women, Julie and Laura, victims of domestic violence. It’s the story of their life with their attacker, this man they once loved. This is the story of their fight with the institutions supposed to help them. Two crossed destinies… where Julie’s sacrifice will allow Laura to save her life.

Best Fiction Series

Pandora, created by Vania Leturcq, Savina Dellicour and Anne Coesens (RTBF – Belgium)

With Anne Coesens, Yoann White, Salome Richard

Brussels, two months before the elections. The campaign in full swing is disrupted by a corruption investigation. Then comes a tragic attack that will cause the collision of several characters, each defending his own truth. An investigating judge, a politician, an activist and a journalist will be led to do things that go beyond anything they could have imagined.

Best Short Program

Detox, created and produced by Xin-WangEmmanuel Sapolsky (France – Belgium)

With Xin Wang, Ugo Merchant, Gudule Zuyten

Fei-Fei is a single mother. She was arrested by the police after posting a video on Youtube that brought her the wrath of justice. Fei-Fei then finds herself caught between her legal battle to recover Jade and her incredible popularity, making her the trashiest mother on the web.

Best Webseries

Borderline, created and directed by Jimmy Conchou (YouTube)

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