Fenty Beauty presents Fenty Skin: three skincare products approved by Rihanna

Today we take it for granted, but if you say today foundation and think of 50 color variations – from Light to Deep – merit is also and above all of Fenty Beauty. In fact, it was Rihanna, who launched the brand in 2017, who started a more inclusive cosmetic awareness. That’s why the launch of Fenty Skin – Fenty Beauty skincare segment scheduled for the next July 31 exclusively on fentybeauty.com) deserves our full attention.

How Fenty revolutionized the beauty industry

RiRi’s goal is in fact simple and at the same time revolutionary: create your own skincare line clean, simple, effective and, above all, suitable for everyone.

“Fenty Skin is everything I wanted. I wanted it to be accessible, simple and above all that there was no specific beauty routine to follow, so I created one that is good for everyone. “

An image of the Fenty Skin campaign

An image of the Fenty Skin campaign

The Fenty Skin line consists of 3 multitasking products very simple. All products are designed to be integrated into Fenty Beauty make-up and have been tested on all types and shades of skin to adapt without problems.

Taking inspiration from his lifestyle, Rihanna has collected ingredients from all over the world and combined them with powerful ones must have of skincare like L’hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, for clinically proven results. He privileged the use of formulas clean, oil-free, vegan and gluten-free who respect the coral reef, are attentive to the planet and use materials recyclable, where possible. Furthermore Rihanna enriched this experience with unique textures and delicious fragrances inspired by the ingredients present in each product.

TOTAL CLEANS’R REMOVE-IT-ALL CLEANSER: daily cleanser and make-up remover in one product

FAT WATER PORE-REFINING TONER SERUM: Instantly minimizes the appearance of pores. Reduces dark spots. The tone and texture of the skin are refined without drying it out.

HYDRA VIZOR INVISIBLE MOISTURIZER BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 30 SUNSCREEN: light and invisible texture like air, hydrates and protects from the sun’s rays. In addition it improves the texture of the skin.


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