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Feng Shui Tips for Bedrooms

Use the powers of feng shui to sleep better, be more energetic and successful and improve your love life. The bedroom is important because it is there that we recharge and get ready for a new day. Sleeping well is essential for our health and well-being.

The bedrooms also offer privacy. It can be the place where a child keeps his treasures and dreams, or it can be your place of intimacy with your partner. Feng Shui says that problems in the bedroom from all sorts of s can be traced back to how your space is organized. Bedrooms should have more yin than yang energy. Yin is passive and promotes relaxation, while yang energy is energetic and energetic. The use of your bedroom for other purposes such as work can also be attributed to yang energy.

Read on to find out what to avoid, how to get around the room’s limits and how to create the best feng shui in your bedroom.

The ideal places for a feng shui bedroom are southeast, east, west, northwest or north of the center of the house. Bedrooms located south, southwest or northeast of the center of the house should be avoided if possible.

Bedroom Don’t do it

Exercise equipment and training space; Office equipment and workspace

Work and exercise are both very important, but they shouldn’t be done in the bedroom. These activities both produce a lot of yang energy, which is disruptive in a nighttime environment. If there is no other place for gym equipment or office supplies, try covering them at night so that no reminders of what awaits you when you get up are visible.


Many people put a TV in their bedroom, but not only do they disturb sleep, but they interrupt relationships. You want to be able to connect with your partner in the bedroom, not the late night movie. TVs also emit electromagnetic waves which are unhealthy for the bedroom.


Mirrors make it difficult to get rid of old emotions because they reflect who looks at you while you sleep.

Sharp corners and edges

Furniture with sharp edges and plants that have jagged leaves interrupt the flow of chi. Smooth and round forms are much more conducive to rest and yin energy.

Hard and shiny surfaces

Metal, mirrors and polished stone surfaces such as marble will help the chi move faster. This is the opposite situation you need when trying to relax and sleep.


It is best to have a mattress raised off the floor on a bed frame so that air and chi can circulate underneath it. If you need this space for storage, it helps if the stored materials are related to sleep and that they should not be excavated and used too frequently. If you are trying to get pregnant, do not give priority to cleaning under the bed. If the chi builds up under the bed, it can help.

King mattresses

King size beds require a split right in the middle because two spring springs are needed to support the mattress. This also creates a division between you and your partner. To repair this split, wrap the two box springs with a large piece of red fabric or find a sheet large enough to cover both. Place the mattress on top as usual.


Try to keep electrical cables and plugs away from your head when you sleep.

Loose beds

In feng shui, like many other traditions, unmade beds transmit bad energy.


  • Watch the sunrise: if the sunrise can be seen from your bed, you will get very strong and positive energy.
  • A round metal vase with red flowers: place this vase on the west side of the bedroom to enhance love adventures.
  • Bed frames and / or wooden headboards: the wood neutralizes the flow of chi, especially around the head. This helps you relax and sleep well at night.
  • Natural fiber bedding: cotton, silk or linen sheets are the best choices for sleeping. The best color choices for bringing yin energy are shades of pink or pink with circular motifs.
  • Mess it up!: While this is true throughout the home, a clean and tidy bedroom helps you sleep better.
  • Bed position: Optimal directions for placing the bed include your head facing north if you are older or east for children. Other directions will help you in different areas of your life. For example, having your head southeast will help promote communication and creativity. The southwest creates stronger relationships. The west promotes good sleep, romance and greater prosperity. Northwest helps you feel more control in your life.

Positioning the bed so that the head points to the south or northeast can cause anxiety or nightmares. The energy from these two directions is unstable, full of activity and can be very powerful.

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