Felix Silla Dies, Cousin Itt on The Addams Family & Twiki on Buck Rogers Was 84

Stuntman and actor Felix silla, best known for his role as Cousin Itt on The Addams Family, unfortunately passed away. A longtime resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, Silla is believed to have died Friday following a battle with pancreatic cancer. The news was revealed by Gil Gerard, co-star of Silla on the NBC series. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, with a poster on Twitter. Silla was 84 years old.

“Felix died just a few hours ago and the only good I can take from his passing is that he no longer suffered,” Gerard wrote. “I will miss him terribly, especially the great time we had at our panels. Just him telling me to ‘go’ f ‘myself.'”

Janet Gerard, another friend of Silla, wrote in a tweet: “My heart is broken today. Felix Silla, known to so many as Twiki, Cousin It, and book full of iconic beloved roles, has passed away . friend, he made me laugh so much and I feel like there is only a hole in my heart. “

As an actor, Silla’s best-known role is one that has kept his face completely darkened. Represent Cousin Itt on The Addams Family, Silla had to wear a body-length hairpiece with a pair of sunglasses depicting her eyes. The character has also spoken indiscriminately on the show, although the other members of the Addams family never had a hard time knowing what he was saying. The fan-favorite character was later played by John Franklin in the 1991 film and voiced by Snoop Dogg in the 2019 animated reboot.

“All the guys on set were smoking,” Silla said of her Cousin Itt costume in an interview with the LA Times in 2014. “They just dropped their butt and stepped on them. The producers were worried that I would step on a smoldering cigarette and catch fire. They gave me synthetic hair, which was flame retardant. “

The actor is also known to have played the sidekick of the robot Twiki on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and to play a hang gliding Ewok in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. Without a full disguise, Silla could also be seen playing the villainous Litvak opposite George Segal as Sam Spade Jr. The black bird, the 1975 sequel to the classic film The Maltese Falcon.

Silla was born in Roccacasale, Italy on January 11, 1937. After moving to the United States in 1955, he toured for several years with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus as trapeze artist and tumbler. By the early 1960s, he had started working as a stuntman in Hollywood, leading to his roles in various movies and TV shows. His credits include Apse planet, Space balls, and Kentucky Fried movie, while he has also appeared on shows such as HR Pufnstuf and Lidsville.

A fan favorite at conventions, Silla’s death has left fans everywhere in mourning in the wake of the news. The actor’s survivors include his wife, Sue, whom he had been married to since 1965, as well as their children, Bonnie and Michael. Our thoughts are with them at this painful time. May Silla rest in peace. This news comes to us from the Hollywood Reporter.

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