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Fast weight loss diet: lose weight smartly

Fast weight loss diet: lose weight smartly

Diet. Slimming. Fast. A climax of calories, an erotic dream of perpetually steady state who hope, if they repeat this formula in reverse (and in Aramaic), to hunt the demon of superfluous weight. In fact, the equation is one and sacrosanct: eat less, burn more. As with all rules, however, there are exceptions. To highlight them is Byrdie.com which suggests some smart tricks to continue with your life and your eating habits and start losing weight. Quickly.

Fast weight loss diet: lose weight smartly
Fast weight loss diet: lose weight smartly

If that on the label is a goal, you have to start changing “size” at the table. Eating in a smaller dish has been proven to help reduce calorie consumption by 23%. The reason is that, as the saying goes, we often have the eyes bigger than the mouth and finish what we see even when in reality we would be satisfied.

If you want to get a better result, in addition to reducing the size of the plate, opt for blue dishes. Some studies show that this color reduces appetite as it contrasts with most of the color of food. For the series: we are more aesthetic than we thought.

It is the simplest and most immediate advice and one of the most effective. Chewing slowly is a cure-all for the line for one reason: the brain takes about 20 minutes to give satiety input. The ideal number would be around 40 chews (thus reducing fat consumption by 12%). Since there are many, get there step by step and that is games with 20 and then gradually increase.

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There is “bad” (white) and “good” (brown) fat. The latter is the one that consumes energy and heat to keep the body warm. The good news is that it can be activated by cooling the temperature, perhaps by drinking a glass of water with ice or taking a warm shower.

Adding a pinch of cayenne pepper to your dishes will help boost your metabolism by 25% more in the three hours following the meal. Not only that: everything that is spicy reduces the desire for dessert and comfort food.

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If you want to get the most out of your weekly session in the gym (or monthly? Don’t worry, we won’t judge you), drink a cup of coffee before starting the workout. Caffeine slows down the release of glycogen and helps the body burn fat.

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