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Fashion Tips and Trick to follow in 2018

Fashion Tips and Trick to follow in 2018

Fashion Tips 2018: If you feel confused every time when you are going to choose a garment, you do not know exactly the look and trend that favour you. Many times you feel that you violate your own style, learn some basic fashion rules to follow the trends always while being yourself.

Fashion tips to follow in 2018

Here the list of fashion tips that will surely keeps you the tail of fashion trend in 2018.

  1. Go with your own Style

To be fashionable, it is necessary, first of all, to have your own style. View garments that you really like, but also highlight your body, your positive points and camouflage the areas that you do not like so much. Prefer clothing that is comfortable and elegant, regardless of whether the garment is casual or more sophisticated.

Fashion Tips 2018
Fashion Tips 2018
  1. Stick with the Current Trend

Remember that not always the current fashion trends– or that garment that looks beautiful on your friend or a celebrity – favour your physical type. It is important to know about your body, try different types and models of clothes, ask for opinions and dress always according to your age and the correct size.

  1. Choose correct sized wardrobes

By speaking incorrect size many women end up choosing fairer or looser garments to highlight or hide some areas of their body and it is a big mistake. Very long or very short or very tight clothes will surely attract attention, but they will also give the impression of laziness or vulgarity. Choose the garment to value your body in the perfect measure.

Buy only what is necessary, most women believe that having clothes, shoes and accessories is never too much, but it is important to buy consciously; Buy what you really like and need.

  1. Be conscious while shopping

Whenshopping, keep in mind what is really essential to buy; if you go out in search of a pair of pants and come back with two skirts, the purchase will not have been really profitable. Think also about the clothes of the new fashion season that combine with the clothes you have at home, after all it is impossible to completely renew the wardrobe every 2 months.

  1. Prefer suitable accessories

If you are thinking aboutbuying clothes for a specific look, do not forget to think about the shoe, bag and accessories. Testing the clothes in the store is also very important since many times we can make mistakes about the loss of a garment in our own body.

  1. Wear suitable and comfortable innerwear

The perfect lingerie also influences a lot in the result of your look; the idea for lingerie favours your curves and highlights what you have better. A good bra can hold your breasts correctly leaving the most beautiful neckline, besides being an essential extra in a combination with a transparent shirt. The panties should also be comfortable, with a fine fabric and not marking too much on the clothes.

  1. Silk, Jacquard or cotton Choose Materials wisely

Silk, Jacquard, cotton are allocated in light material. All fabrics are original prints, but are totally devoid of shine. Garmented embroidery and fabric with embroidery with pallets will be decorated. And such elements of decoration are not only for evening fashion but also for everyday, business.

  1. Take your time before finalizing

Many can choose their look one night before, but not all of us work. The weather, mood and other aspects can intervene and make your (previous) look change completely.

Having to choose the perfect outfit for the day, we all went through the “I have nothing to wear” , that’s why, stress makes our mind to close by the pressure of not finding anything, so, organize your time when it comes to fixing yourself and take a moment of reflection to find the perfect combination.

  1. Signature look

A key combination that never fails you: jeans + black t-shirt or a total black look. The important thing is to find your personal style and that it is well defined so that it is more useful to you at the time of the combinations and you do not worry daily about the “what do I wear?”.

  1. Do Research

It always better to do research in online, and cross check whether you are in the current fashion trend and also whether you are thinking matches with the current fashion trends. It is wise to get move on with the current trends in order to express your fashion statement in today’s fashion world.

Fashion Trends 2018
Fashion Trends 2018

Fashion Tricks to follow in 2018

Today I bring you some fashionable tricks that I hope will help you. They are little tricks, some I have been giving them in several posts. But today I want to make a compilation of those that can help you more.

  • Dark colours hide and light colours add volume. This applies to makeup, hair and fashion.
  • Horizontal stripes widen while vertical stripes slim. Of course, remember that the wider the rays, the more they will do that effect.
  • The shorter your bottom garment, skirt or dress, the longer your legs will look. And if you use heels, wedges or platforms, even more!
  • V necklines are best suited to stylize the neck and figure. They will make you look more slender.
  • To look like you have more chests, there is nothing like putting volumes in that area (ruffles, necklaces, pockets, tacks …). And to look like you have more glutes, the same. Wear Capri pants (pants with pockets) especially on the back to increase the volume a little.
  • If you like halter necklines or high collars, it is best to use raised or high buns to look good this type of neck.
  • The prints, the more colour contrasted and larger, the more volume. While the less contrasting colour and less large, less volume will contribute.
  • If your fingers are somewhat wide or you want them to look long and slender. Do not hesitate to leave your nails somewhat long, and lighten them in a U or V shape. They will make your fingers look longer.
  • The shoes finished in tip on the front will make you look taller and your legs look longer.
  • To make your shoulders look wider you just have to bet on necklines type boat (open horizontally). Or bring volume to that area (shoulder pads, tacks …). If, on the other hand, you want them to look narrower, use necks and avoid volumes and colours.

So from the above tips and fashion trends, you can choose the best outfit which fit on your body. Always try to choose the outfit which gives you extraordinary look.

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