Fashion game by embracing French Attires in your wardrobe

Fashion game by embracing French Attires in your wardrobe

Do you wonder why French actress like Marion Cotillard and Clémence Poésy Look so perfect and stylish all the time? It’s a common saying “ French Do it better”. French people are known for their impeccable Fashion sense. If you are looking for a wardrobe upgrade, nothing can be better than adding some classic French attires.

The French Fashion Brand “Maje” is known for its authentic and unique style. Follow French fashion tips and tricks to look fantastic and make your life easier. French women swear by these Fashion tips.

Fashion Game

Understand your Style

Following fashion trends blindly will do you no right. You might end up looking like a wreck. It is very important to identify your style and dress for yourself. Choose outfits that make you feel pretty and flatter your body, instead of running after crazy fashion trends. Choose a few pieces from the popular trends that suit your aesthetic.

Invest in a good coat- 

Splurge in a good winter coat. Choose the coat that suits your body type and is made of quality fabric. French fashion is all about buying smart fit and one size up in winter coats and sweaters. Loose fitted and oversized coats look very classic and chic. Team it with a nice pair of girly heels. Maje has some of the best Collection of coat for women. You will find one that you love.

Fashion Game

Classic Breton Stripes- 

Breton stripes are very cliché when it comes to French fashion staples. These classic striped tops look very sleek and give a clean look to the overall silhouette. Wearing a Breton striped shirt is the best way to look cool effortlessly. Pair clean looking stripes top with dark skinny denim and flats when going out to run some errands. Replace the denim with a skirt to look more dressed up and bohemian.

Dresses For Summers-

French fashion is all about the sophisticated and classic silhouette. French women like to keep it low and minimal. Wearing long flowy printed dresses and a red lip and a bucket bag makes for a timeless summer look. Get yourself a midi dress, and low heel pumps to look like a French woman. You can modernize your outfit by pairing a well fitted sophisticated dress with white sneakers and all-time favourite hoops. Looking feminine and flattering is what French women believe in. Hit up to the Maje website to find amazing

Get A Wear With Almost Anything Trench Coat-  

Trench coats are French women’s BFF. Trench coats are an extremely versatile piece of clothing that one must own. French-style icons like Françoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot are always seen wearing Trench coats. Summer, autumn or winters, trench coats can be styled in every season. Style the trench coat over gown when attending formal events or wear it with jeans when going out with friends on weekends, over a dress during springtime. There are endless ways to style them.

Minimalism is the key- 

French fashion is all about the minimalistic and sophisticated look. French people like to keep it subtle, be it colour, accessories or prints. Avoid wearing flashy colours and stick to neutrals instead. When wearing one piece of clothing with bold prints, keep the rest of the silhouette subtle and keep accessories to the minimal.

Fashion Game

Find A Classic Pair Of Shoes

Find a signature pair of shoes that suit your dressing style. Owning a thousand pair of shoes is not necessary, you need 3-4 pair of perfectly fitted and great looking pair of shoes. Low heeled pumps are the staple shoe style. Buy flat ballerinas and sneakers. They pair great with casual outfits. Wear heel height that you can comfortably walk in. Sexiness comes from within. If you can’t walk properly and your feet are hurting, you will end up looking like a toddler running around. You will definitely find some great shoe options at Maje.

Suit up

French fashion believes in mixing up masculinity and feminism when it comes to fashion. Your wardrobe must have a well-fitted suit. Make it look incredibly feminine by wearing girly heels and minimal accessorizing. Go for pinstripe suit for a fancy yet sophisticated look.

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