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Fashion film: Sunnei Features Michele Foti

Fashion film: Sunnei Features Michele Foti

The style picture we present only on Fashion.it is accepted by Michele Foti and informs the white top, in an oversized and one dimension version, the protagonist of this cooperation involving Sunnei along with Albiate 1830, the very young brand of this renowned Albini Group, Italian excellence which because of 1876 from the creation of Made in Italy shirting fabrics. Along with the top, in a lot of interpretations for women and men, the complete white pill set comprises men’s cargo trousers and loose match for ladies, a womenswear lawsuit, currently available on the Sunnei site.

Fashion film: Sunnei Features Michele Foti
Fashion film: Sunnei Features Michele Foti

With this style movie undertaking, the videomaker and photographer Michele Foti has gone through the stages that cause the production of this top, via a point of perspective that highlights the maintenance and work supporting the final product: by the introduction of the cloth from the Albiate 1830 headquarters in the manufacturing site of their Sunnei sets in Vicenza.

Loris Messina along with Simone Rizzo, co-founders of all Sunnei, discuss the job with Fabio Albini, inventive manager of Albiate 1830.

What exactly does the Features project signify for a new with a feeling of community as powerful as yours?

Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo: “The network of creatives that orbit around the brand is a constant re and of inspiration for us, so our projects often revolve around these talented artists who personify the essence of SUNNEI. With SUNNEI FEATURES, we ask them to create ad hoc projects that reflect the meeting point between the brand and the artistic practice of the selected creative. Starting from a SUNNEI element or product, you get an interpretation that can result in offline material, photos, videos, or more based on the specific project “.

How can the alliance job begin?

Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo: “The relationship with the Albini Group was born long before this capsule collection, given that we have relied on them for the fabrics of our shirt products for several seasons. Working together mutual esteem was born which was the spark for a more important partnership, such as the creation of this series of total white garments in collaboration with ALBIATE 1830, the most youthful brand of the group “.

Fabio Albini: “The collaboration between Albiate 1830 and Sunnei stems from the desire to combine the research and quality of our fabrics with the experimental and concrete fashion of Loris and Simone. The project pays homage to white with a series of garments with large volumes and essential lines, giving a unique and contemporary interpretation to Albiate 1830 fabrics. The desire to show the realization of this white fabric and its transformation into a finished garment puts it in to highlight the care and attention to every detail “.

Why can you concentrate on the white top?

Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo: “We thought of starting from the white shirt because we like the idea that in its simplicity it can become a symbol of more complex and articulated collaboration. Furthermore, it is a versatile garment – which allows infinite interpretations for both men and women – and timeless, out of any seasonal trend “.

Fabio Albini: “The white shirt may seem like a simple or banal garment, but it is totally the opposite. In addition to being an essential element of the wardrobe of all of us, it is also an extremely versatile garment, which lends itself to infinite interpretations. Just change the details, the fit or the fabric to transform it into something always different. The white shirt is the most eclectic, but at the same time iconic, an item that you can imagine “.

What white signifies for you within this age of isolation?

Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo: “This situation has put everything into perspective and from now on we want to focus on what we understood to have more value. At this moment, white is for us: cleaning up to start again with what really matters “.

Fabio Albini: “Quoting the editorial of the editor of Fashion Italia, Emanuele Farneti, at this moment white is” rebirth, mild after dark, a webpage must be written”. In this period of isolation, made up of shortcomings, expectations, and silences, for us white represents a new beginning, more aware, respectful, and full of hope “.

Who would you believe will go back to normal? How can we dress when we go outside back again?

Fabio Albini: “After abandoning the frenetic rhythms, the plaster casts, and the search for an impeccable look for a long time, we rediscovered comfort, simplicity and learned to enhance the essentials. When we go out again we will want authenticity and concreteness, of more relaxed garments, but which are also of quality and durable. We will, therefore, buy less but better, with particular attention to the ethical and environmental sustainability of the garments.

In my opinion, the symbol of this return will be an informal and casual shirt, in cotton or linen in natural colors: easy to wear and versatile, it will be a garment that will make us feel at ease with freedom and lightness. The philosophy of Albiate 1830 perfectly reflects this new trend, proposing casual fabrics of the highest quality, made with full respect for the environment and people. ”

Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo:

“At least as far as our e-commerce is concerned, we do not have the feeling that something, in particular, goes more than the rest, sales are homogeneous in all product categories and this makes us think that our customer is not looking for a product in particular”.

What are you going to bring with you out of this COVID immunity encounter? What classes?

Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo: “This period taught us to slow down and focus on the most important things so we want to take this philosophy with us to focus our energies only on what has the most value for us.”


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