Fashion Film: Isolation by Luzian Schlatter

The fashion film Isolation by director Luzian Schlatter analyzes the absolutely topical issue of isolation and the sensations experienced in this situation. Through a poetic interpretation, in a futuristic and spatial atmosphere, the emotions that we all felt in these difficult quarantine months are analyzed within the installation “A Piece of Sky”, created by the Swiss architect Stephan Hürlemann. A three-dimensional hexagon with mirrored faces, which reflect the protagonist in an infinite way, represents a cage set in the space from which exit seems impossible.

A decidedly contemporary reflection.

Fashion Film Credits

Directed by Luzian Schlatter @luzianschlatter

Producer: Federico Morgantini @federicomorgantini

starring: Beloved Paci @ Next Models Milan @dilettapaci_

Fashion: Marine Serre @marineserre_official

Creative Direction: Nora Baldenweg @norabaldenweg

Make-up: Elisa Ferranti @elisferranti

Hair: Roberta Anzaldi @roberta_anzaldi_makeup

Styling: Irene Lombardini @irenegkaterina

Music composed by Diego Baldenweg with Nora Baldenweg & Lionel Baldenweg from the LINA Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Courtesy of Great Garbo Music @greatgarbomusic

Produced by @CATTURAproduction @catturaproduction

Installation ‘A Piece of Sky’ for Sky-Frame by Stephan Hürlemann @ stephan.huerlemann

Special Thanks:

Andrea Zürcher @ Sky-frame_global

Romain Roz @prconsulting Paris

Alex Kleinberger @alexkleinberger

Stefano Renolfi

Lea Lu @lealumusic

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