Far Cry 6: The Best Weapons and How to Get Them

The revolution Yara so desperately needs in Far Cry 6 cannot be accomplished without violence. The dictator Anton Castillo is determined to use his new cancer treatment to bolster his own power, despite promising to use it to rebuild the unstable country. Now that he’s treating his people more as slaves than citizens, it is up to you and the guerilla fighters to take down Castillo’s government and free the people of Yara. It is a big island, however, with many obstacles in your path to Castillo, including soldiers as well as natural predators. It’s a good thing your character Dani is more than skilled with various tools of destruction.

You’ll be exposed to a lot of weapons during your time in Far Cry 6. The island is littered with them, though you won’t find the best of the best just lying around. There are many categories of weapons, such as rifles, SMGs, LMGs, snipers, shotguns, bows, and more. Plus, there are unique weapons in each category that have special buffs but are not able to be modded. Between the sheer number of guns, plus all the ways you can alter them with mods, and trying to figure out how to get what you want, this already packed game can be overwhelming. Here are the best weapons in Far Cry 6 and how you can get them.

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How to unlock guns

Sure, you can get a ton of weapons by prying them from your victims’ hands, but those are just going to be your most basic, run-of-the-mill guns. While there are some on our list that you could find just by chance, most are more reliably unlocked by doing specific things.

The main ways to get the majority of non-unique weapons fall into a few categories. You can get them by finding them in military-controlled zones, upgrading your base with the Guerilla Garrison to sell weapons, as rewards for missions, and at the end of certain treasure hunts.

Resolver weapons are different. These are one-of-a-kind guns with unique names, stats, and abilities that only appear in one specific place, or by doing a specific mission. Whichever the case is for the weapon listed, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to get your hands on it.

MS-16 S Rifle

Before we get into the unique weapons, which can be hard to get early on in your liberation efforts in Far Cry 6, the MS-16 S is much easier to find in the early game since it is criminally underrated by the game as a 1-star gun. This semi-auto rifle has a clip of 15, has next to no recoil, and can dish out its fair share of damage, but once you deck this gun out with some good attachments it really starts to sing. Give it armor-piercing ammo, a suppressor, and the Specter Sight to turn it into a perfect tool for wiping the floor with armored enemies in seconds from range without alerting anyone else to your presence.

Because this is a common weapon, there isn’t one dedicated place to pick it up. Odds are you’ll come across it naturally in a military zone, so just make sure you’re inspecting all the guns that drop in the early game to grab this one and bring it back to a workbench to deck it out. If you don’t come across one, you can reliably buy one from the Guerilla Garrison once you purchase that upgrade for your base. It may take a little time to craft the upgrades, but they’re well worth the investment.

The wand

La Varita on its own isn’t all that special. It’s a Resolver weapon, meaning you’ll need to go out of your way to unlock it, but when you do it may not seem worthy of being on this list. However, if you also equip the Triador Supremo, suddenly it becomes almost too strong. The main feature of La Varita is that its shots can penetrate walls. Combine that with the Triador’s ability to let you see through walls, and you’re basically hacking at that point. The damage on this gun is at max, so you can pretty reliably one-tap any normal enemy in your level range with a single headshot. Even if you can’t hit a headshot, the fact that you can just stand on the other side of a wall and pick off all the enemies without ever exposing yourself is a pretty overpowered strategy.

La Varita and Triador are conveniently tied to the same treasure hunts, which are the three Triada Relics. You can start this quest by going to Oluwa Cave on Isla Santuario, which is the island you start the game on, so you can at least initiate it early. The quest is triggered once you enter the cave and inspect a note inside, marking three treasure hunts for you to do. Two of these hunts aren’t too difficult, but the one in Fort Oro may be one you need to put off until you’ve leveled up quite a bit, plus a little puzzle that needs to be solved. Once you manage to get all three relics, return to the cave to get your overpowered reward.

The tyrant

If you’re in the market for something more long-range, the El Tirano sniper rifle is about as good as they come. Sure, the downside of not being able to put a suppressor in it stings a little, but not nearly as much as it will sting the unfortunate soul who ends up in your crosshairs. It comes stacked with armor-piercing rounds, the only Resolver sniper to have that, plus a scope with a magnification of 10x. So while it may not be silenced, you can shoot it from so far it might as well be.

This unique sniper is hidden on the map just waiting to be picked up. On the map, go to the Valle de Oro region and go all the way to the north. There’s a restricted zone called Escila Fort here that you need to infiltrate. Going in loud or quiet, climb up the lighthouse on the coast and pick up El Tirano at the top.

Death Rites

For a fully automatic rifle that won’t let you down, find yourself the Death Rites rifle as soon as you can. This AK-inspired weapon has not only an awesome decal but also perks that will make it a hard gun not to keep in your loadout all the time. This gun is best for medium-ranged encounters, with armor-piercing rounds and the Headshot Supremo, which makes every headshot you land build up your Supremo charge. The downside is that it has pretty wild recoil thanks to the Compensator, but none of that matters when you see the Vampiric Triada mod. This mod gives you a chance to recover health for every shot that hits an enemy. If you’re good enough, you can almost become an unkillable machine with this rifle, or at the very least have a much better chance at recovering from a botched situation by not having to stop fighting back to heal.

Head to Maldito to get started finding the Death Rites. You’ll find this small town on the southeast end of El Este’s zone, which you may already have unlocked as a fast travel spot as part of “The New Revolution” mission. Once there, look for the burning building and head inside. Try to ignore the pile of burned corpses and open the chest inside to grab the gun.

RAT4 Rocket Launcher

Our rocket launcher pick is a non-unique one, but does the job more than well enough to justify its inclusion. As far as what it’s capable of, well, it’s a rocket launcher. If you’ve got some heavy armor or airborne targets making your life miserable, whip this baby out and solve that problem with a heavy dose of explosives. Deck it out with the Lock-On mod to ensure you hit your mark and you’ve got yourself a perfect problem solver.

Again, as a standard weapon, you can either find this gun out in military zones or purchase it from the Guerilla Garrison.

Crackle and Pop

When all else fails, sometimes you just need a gun that you can just hold the trigger down on and watch your problems evaporate into clouds of pink mist. The Crackle & Pop LMG is a light machine gun that punches like a heavyweight. This baby has the rate of fire of an LMG but is dishing out explosive rounds rather than normal lead. That makes it perfect for ripping through armored vehicles. The scope isn’t much, just a 2x, but does the job of giving you clear sight of your target. Don’t expect to snipe anything with this gun, of course. Finally, the quicker reload speed is the icing on the cake.

To add some Crackle & Pop to your arsenal, you will need to be prepared to head deep into Esperanza, specifically the El Rayo Cinema. If you’re able to survive long enough to make it there, find the ladder on the outside on the east side of the building and climb onto the roof. The chest is waiting right on top. You will go by here as part of the main mission, but if you’re daring enough you can try your luck at getting it early.

The Iron Curtain

The first of two options for your SMG pick for the best weapon is The Iron Curtain. As with all SMGs, this weapon should be top of your list for when you need to shred enemies from a close distance with an overwhelming flood of bullets. Specifically, this unique SMG comes with Soft Target bullets, making it rip any unarmored enemy, or animal, to shreds with ease. It has a built-in suppressor, making it nice for all you sneaky players, and can be whipped in and out with ease thanks to the Gunslinger mod. The Keep it Cool mod is also nice for allowing the suppressor to cool down quickly if you fire in bursts.

To find The Iron Curtain, you can easily snag it while doing the mission Balance the Books. This will take you to an abandoned hotel on the west side of Segunda. The chest you’re looking for is actually underwater, so dive down into the waters west of the hotel to plunder this treasure for yourself.


But, if you’d rather not go through all that trouble, the standard MP7 can more than compete with The Iron Curtain. In some situations, you can even claim it is better. You’ll still want to outfit it with Soft Target ammo, since that’s what SMGs are best used for, but add in the extended mag and a decent scope and you’re packing an absolute monster in your pocket. If you like playing fast and dangerous, this gun has the bite you’re looking for.

It’s the last “normal” weapon, so grab it like all the others. Find it or buy it from the Guerilla Garrison and mod it to your heart’s content.

The Autocrat

Sidearms are often overlooked, but in a pinch can be the difference between life and death. It is always faster to swap to a sidearm while under fire instead of waiting for a lengthy reload, so having something like The Autocrat at your side is a great backup plan. It actually has really good damage for such a small weapon, and even better accuracy, and the mods make it do even more damage when aimed or hitting a target’s body.

To secure this trusty pistol, you can actually grab it during the mission Du or Die while infiltrating Fort Quito. During the mission, go to the fort’s entrance and look for a door inside the walls. Make your way through to an open hatch you can climb down, leading to yet another ladder to descend followed by some stairs. At the end of it all is a locker room you can break into by smashing some wooden planks. Search the weapon case on the shelves and claim this fancy pistol.

Exterminator Supremo

Last up aren’t technically weapons like the others, but your Supremo. You start out with the ability to launch a series of rockets from your backpack, which is awesome enough as it is. The Exterminator is great for cleaning up clusters of enemies or dealing with armored vehicles before you’re geared up with any anti-vehicle weapons. You will get this one automatically, and, quite frankly, never need to swap off of it.

Supreme Vault

As an alternative, though, the Volta Supremo is perhaps better for after you’ve finalized your ideal loadout and still need something to deal with pesky vehicles that you’re either not ready to, or don’t feel like, wasting ammo on. This Supremo will send out a big EMP that will turn those vehicles into worthless husks ripe for hijacking. If that sounds good to you, you can grab it from either Juan or one of his arms dealers.

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