Fans Love Jovi Dufren’s Bayou Dad Vibes In New Photo

Jovi shared a new photo of himself relaxing with baby Mylah, and fans have carved out his cold father aura. What is their opinion on the new improved Jovi?

But 90 day fiancé Fans criticized Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya, they were taken aback by how the couple settled into their new life with daughter Mylah. After Season 8, Jovi and Yara prove the fans wrong by becoming responsible parents who still know how to have fun. Viewers wondered if Jovi was particularly ready to parent, but now they’re digging into the laid-back vibe of Jovi’s father bayou.

During season 8, Jovi was roasted by fans for his immature behavior and possible drinking problem. When Yara first arrived in America Jovi didn’t seem ready to give up her bachelor ways, and then after Yara got pregnant fans were even more worried. It took a while for Jovi to wake up, he even wanted to go out and party “one last time” before the baby arrived, as if his life was ending. But once baby Mylah was born, Jovi’s demeanor changed and he became the proud dad fans were hoping for.

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Jovi and Yara haven’t shared much of Mylah on Instagram, but Jovi posted a recent photo of him with Mylah in his stroller. In the photo, Jovi has a cold father vibe – he can relax with a drink while still being responsible and looking after his daughter. Fans who once thought Jovi wasn’t ready for fatherhood are now coming to the NOLA native and loved taking a look at his family outing. If the comments section of the post is any indication, fans are fully on board with Jovi in ​​daddy mode.

While fans weren’t surprised that Yara had settled down comfortably in her role as a mother, they were more surprised at how Jovi is adjusting. “Fatherhood suits you well JoviA fan commented on the photo, and many others echoed the sentiment and praised Jovi on his maturity. Many have pointed out that Jovi is not all work and no play, but seems to have found a balance in his life. “You still look like your [sic] enjoy life and that’s good,”Said another fan.

Jovi’s new maturity came just in time, as her baby was going to be born, whether he was ready or not. Yara’s long and difficult delivery took a toll on Jovi, and felt like a wake-up call for him to need to get to the plate, quickly. After marrying Yara and the birth of her new baby, Jovi appears to be a changed man, but not too much amended. Jovi’s fun nature will keep him from getting too tense and Yara is sure to keep him in line and not get too wild again.

Yara and Jovi’s journey on 90 day fiancé was a rocky road that many fans believed the couple weren’t going to get there. At first, it seemed like Jovi was never going to give up his party habits and be the husband and father that Yara needed from him. But the birth of his daughter has reignited Jovi’s fathering instincts, and his latest Instagram post proves that Jovi can be a good dad while still finding the time to enjoy his laid-back Cajun life.

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Source: Jovi Dufren / Instagram

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