Fans Claim Kardashian Look Is ‘Out of Style’ After Latest Post

New tastes may come and go, but Keeping Up With the Kardashians (along with all the big butts, duck lips, and lace-front wigs) is forever.

Fans claim the Kardashians’ look is “out of style” in a recent Reddit post. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians clan has attracted the ire of a growing mob of disgruntled fans who believe the family members and their big ol’ derrierès are passè.

It all started when a Reddit user posted a lengthy and scathing postmortem on the family’s contributions to fashion, beauty, and pop culture as a whole. The diatribe downplayed Khloé, Kim, and Kylie’s beauty, likening it to “drag-inspired makeup looks.” Several shots were taken at Kylie’s lip and body upgrades. The user shouted out rising social media stars Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae as a more attractive alternative to the sisters. The post even hinted that the family would soon be forgotten by many in generations to come, who might be too young to recall them in their heyday.

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Instead of rushing to the Kardashians’ defense, a multitude of users agreed with the comments, calling into question the future of the family’s influence on the cultural lexicon. They also took the women to task for not being honest about plastic surgery procedures they appear to have had. One wrote, “I remember the naive days of the 2010’s where almost no one knew what a BBL or lace front wig was.” Other Reddit users agreed. Another posted, “Like ok. You want to get plastic surgery? Fine. You don’t want to admit to it? that’s fine too. But it is absolutely unacceptable to attribute it to exercise or diet that’s how you start setting up your followers for unattainable goals.”

So what’s behind all the hate? Well, it’s the very thing that the Kardashians have excelled at throughout the years: overexposure. Fans have watched Kourtney pull her own children out of her body during televised deliveries. They watched Kim bounce from Reggie Bush to Kris Humphries to Kanye West – all three relationships ending in scandal. Then, there’s Khloé and her self-inflicted relationship martyrdom that has left many fans shaking their television sets in anger each time she gives another unfaithful boyfriend or husband a second, third, or fourth chance. Supermodel Kendall has been called out by some on social media for everything ranging from that questionable Pepsi ad she appeared in, to more personal digs about whether she had a nose job or her lips done.

Even sister Kylie was dragged into the fray when she mysteriously began sporting lips and cheekbones much larger than the ones viewers saw her with in earlier seasons of the show. Over time, her hips have widened – a lot – and her once-lithe frame is now insanely voluptuous. In fact, there are constant accusations of cultural appropriation of a “Black aesthetic,” in which the sisters have allegedly enhanced their butts and faces and removed ribs to appear more attractive to African-American men.

It’s funny how the internet built up the Kardashian-Jenners as a billion-dollar brand, only to tear them down in recent years. Their bodycon dresses and full figures have influenced style, fashion, and social media alike. Is it fair to say that they’re going out of style? Of course. Not necessarily because they are, but because that’s the natural order of things.

Khloe Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

Every great sex symbol has been synonymous with a certain era. For detractors and even fans to search for something new is, in fact, nothing new. The same thing was done to Clara Bow, Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, Pam Grier, Kathy Ireland, Britney Spears and more. The Kardashian gals will always have loyal followers who will keep their fortunes robust by supporting their various business ventures. So there’s no need to pity them or be nervous about a Reddit post. New tastes may come and go, but Keeping Up With the Kardashians (along with all the big butts, duck lips, and lace-front wigs) is forever.

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