Mangalsutra is an integral part of any Hindu Indian wedding. This is why there are so many different designs of Mangalsutra available. Not just in gold, Mangalsutra patterns are available in diamond, gold and even beautiful artificial Mangalsutra designs are there. So here in this compilation we are sharing the latest Mangalsutra fancy chain design. Chain is a crucial part of Mangalsutra pattern which adds more style to the jewellery. The beautiful Mangalsutra chain designs are available in different patterns and style. Some have long chain design while some of the chain designs are shorter. For everyday use, short designs are preferred by women who are not just working women but are

Latest Fancy Mangalsutra Chain Designs (2022)

This latest short chain Mangalsutra pattern has black big beads stacked in between. The chain is simple  and is extremely beautiful. This is a very professional women kind of design that is perfect for everyday wear.

This mangalsutra chain has a delicate Centre part whereas the chain design is made with black and gold beads. The chain is quite sturdy and will not break as easily as some of the other delicate black beaded chainsa can. This design here is also beautiful and study for everyday wear.

The delicate and study chain here is beautifully made with small black beads and small gold beads. It’s a medium length chain that doesn’t have any pendant in it. So this is the latest chain only mangalsutra pattern that you are looking at. Such designs are perfect for women who do not like heavy or bold design for daily wear.

The style has a Centre diamond pendant design. The double chain mangalsutra designs are currently very much in trend and thanks to the different patterns and varieties available in the market. It is a gold only chain with Centre pendant diamond design.  This design is perfect for parties and for festive looks.

When you talk about delicate designs this pattern is perfect. For everyday where the chain mangalsutra design is opted by lot of women. Especially women who are working and go to office would not want heavy or chunky pattern that can make wearing them difficult. This design is extremely easy to wear and suitable for daily use. The black beads are given on the sides and the chain is thin.

If you like a stylish and simple mangalsutra design with black and gold beads then this is the design that we would suggest you. It is a 10 to 15 grams gold mangalsutra pattern where in the thin chain is given at the back and the front and Middle part has black and gold beads stacked at some gap.  These are perfect for younger brides.

The pendent here has a square design with little black beads given at the end. A gold bead is given in the middle part that attaches 3 delicate gold chains. The back part has gold and Stone gold beads. This mangalsutra design is extremely modern and trendy. By far, it’s the trendiest and most fancy mangalsutra chain designs that we have seen in this catalogue.

Generally, mangalsutra patterns would have black and gold beads but here pearls and red stones are also used. The pendant is made with pearl and black beads and the side chains are made with red beads and pearl beads. This design is traditional yet is new. One can have this  design in 15 grams of gold only.

The double layered mangalsutra patterns are very much liked by the younger generation. It gives durability and even for the daily wear such patterns are preferred. It has black oval beads instead of the small black beads. The design is very new and attractive looking.

With the appearance of dainty necklace this pattern here is royal and exclusive. The black beads are given at the back part while the front and middle path has different gold shapes and Beats. The centre pendant part has pink stone studded with white stones. Pulsar also used in a jhumke like pattern given at the end. This mangalsutra pattern is one of the most to fansi and popular pattern.

If you Sikh gold beads in your mangalsutra chain designs and this design is perfect. The design is suitable for even daily wear. The side chain is a new pattern which bears gold beads made in different shapes. The beauty is the black beads used in between. So it’s not a regular black beaded chain kind of gold only mangalsutra design but a new and unique design that would be liked by a lot of women.

When you like double chain design then this design would be surely liked by you. The double chain mangalsutra design has black beads in between and the centre pendant is quite traditional in its make.

Women who like simple designs with some uniqueness can try this one. It has gold beads with black and red beads. The design is simply and it’s very easy to wear.

The heart shaped pendant is the key highlight of this beautiful side black beaded chain design. The chain design has pretty design that involves the black and gold beads in such a manner that it creates a new kind of pattern which looks very pleasant to the eyes. The pattern is new and a lot of women would praise you for the choice.

This design is new with loops of gold chain. The loops of gold chains are made in such a manner that it gives a new look to the entire design and a lot of a young brides would surely want their mangalsutra to have a side black bead chains like these.

Triple layer mangalsutra patterns are always in trend because of their royal look. Here, the triple layered design is given in the front side and on the side the three layers are also shown. The side black beaded chain pattern is unique and would surely catch when you wear it. It is not a regular use mangalsutra but it is a very party perfect for festive look kind of mangalsutra design that one can opt for. This can be replicated in at least 20 to 25 grams of gold.

Full pattern has double chainsd with black beads. The simplest design is not something that is very unique but the side chain is really innovative and made with good durable stylish design.

When it comes to dentist side black beaded chain designs design would surely come to anyone’s mind when you look at it. The black beads are used in less quantity and it’s only makes a quiet impact on this pretty design here. It is a beautiful mangalsutra design that can be replicated in just 10 grams of gold. So for women who like simple and easy designs would definitely go for this.

At times delicate mangalsutra can break up easily therefore, this mangalsutra has sturdy side black beaded chain pattern. The pattern has black beads with gold chain. If you see, these triple chains would give more strength to its design so that it doesn’t break easily even when you wear it on regular on daily basis.

The stunning design has double simple chains on the sides with unique pattern in the middle part. It is a temple jewellery inspired pendant mangalsutra pattern which is perfect for everyday wear

These are the latest black beaded side chain pattern that a lot of women would simply love for their daily wear, festive look or even the party wear mangalsutra patterns. You need to just check the design that you love and then replicate it in which every way you want.

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